Looking for $25 or under ZWave humidity sensor for bathroom

I’m looking for a cheap ZWAVE humidity sensor for my bathrooms & basement. The reason I want ZWAVE is that all of my wall switches are Leviton ZWAVE products and I’m 99% sure they all have ZWAVE repeater function in them. The bathrooms are close enough that I could use a ZigBee device, but I’d like to keep standardized. Main goals: two bathrooms with smart switch already installed on fan to turn on when humidity gets too high and monitor basement humidity and inform me when it gets too high. Something that is small and unobtrusive and battery operated is preferred. Also, I would possibly like to trigger my new RHEEM Econet thermostat to lower humidity if any of the monitored zones away from the thermostat get too humid, but that’s another project. :slight_smile:

So far, the only thing I’ve found that meets my cheap option is the Centralite Temp & Humidity Sensor for $24.99 on Amazon. It’s downside is that it uses ZigBee and is unlikely to work in my basement. I also like that it uses lithium coincells instead of AA or AAA batteries which have a tendency to pop and corrode the battery plates in a device. I’d love to hear about other devices that people have used in the $25 range plus or minus that are ZWAVE.


The only thing I know that’s Even close to that is the zooz 4 in one, which sometimes goes on sale for $29. It’s good quality for the price.

That said, zigbee is inherently better in high humidity environments because of a better scatter control algorithm, so I personally would go with zigbee for this environment.

If you need to add a zigbee repeater, You can get an Ikea Tradfri plug-in pocketsocket for $9.99 when purchased directly from Ikea, and that’s a very good zigbee repeater. No frills, but you can’t beat the price. :sunglasses:



The Monoprice 4in1 is also often available in that price range.
Note though that, though similar to the zooz, it uses AAA batteries rather than the CR123A in the Zooz. (I have both and much prefer the Zooz.)


I’m using these https://www.ebay.com/itm/Iris-Motion-Sensor-IL07-3rd-Generation-Works-with-SmartThings-Zigbee/153437876092?hash=item23b99c2f7c:g:21gAAOSwJRFco7Nh
They’re brand new, with CR123 battery inside. I offered $10 each and offer was accepted. But they are zigbee. They work great though.


These devices are my favorite. Too bad I didn’t get more of them, and the newest Iris open/close sensors, before they shut Iris down and pulled these off the shelves.

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They are available again on Amazon, Just making sure you were aware.

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I bought a used Iris motion sensor off eaby for $12 specificaly to get humidity readings. Works great.

Link please :slight_smile: I can’t find them.

Search for Centralite and you will find an item where you can choose their different devices and the humidity sensor WAS one of them. If it’s not showing up maybe it’s no longer available :disappointed_relieved:

Go with Zooz 4 in 1. You will not be disappointed.

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