Aeotect Smart HUB Third party API for integration with our software platform?

We are looking for integration of Aeotect HUB with our software platform (website/App) so for this is there any Aeotect device API or SmartThing API which allow us to control device with our App or website.We have also gone through smartThing documentation they had told to enroll organization for getting data from HUB to their smartThing app there is nothing mention about thirdparty app.

Can anyone suggest me the right way to solve this problem?

I just came across a similar post in another place by pure fluke, so I believe you have already seen the SmartThings API which really should provide the key for you.

You have to be aware that SmartThings is essentially a cloud based system. The hub is purely for working with ‘hub connected devices’, which means stuff on the users’ local LANs, or PANs like Zigbee and Z-Wave, and provides a bridge to the SmartThings cloud. When it comes to access and control it is the SmartThings cloud that you will be interacting with, and that means the SmartThings API.

Even the SmartThings mobile apps are largely just API clients.

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Are this smartThing API is free or for using in commercial purpose we have to do partnership? And where can I find baerer token and also what is the use of developer workspace?