Control tv locally with Aeotec hub?

Hi everyone,

I’m new here, because after many hours of searching for information online, I still can’t solve my problem: confused:

I need a local HUB to control lights and TV for an elderly person.
There is no internet connection in the apartment.
Such a person could turn on/off over the phone light and TV(by local wifi router - no internet access).

I chose Aeotec because it is a device close to the samsung brand (the TV is samsung).

The Aeotec HUB cannot be configured outside the internet, so I configured it via a shared network on the phone. Then I connected the cable to the Aeotec in the network which also I have a phone with the smartthings application. The hub becomes unreachable and there’s nothing else I can do :frowning:

Is there any options to create local smart control over TV and lights with aeotec + smartThings app on the phone in same network (without internet)?

Thank you for any clue to go further with that problem.

There are not. :disappointed_relieved: Smartthings is still a largely cloud-based system even on the new architecture, and the hub expects to check in with the cloud frequently. And you need a connection to the cloud to do anything at all in the app.

Regarding fully local integration with the television that can run on local Wi-Fi, your best bet is probably to wait a few months and see what becomes available for Matter.

If you don’t want to wait, if the person has an iPhone, you can add an Apple TV control box and get fully local control through Apple HomeKit. I use this in my own home, where our Internet connection is sporadic. It works well, but I don’t think that it justifies buying an iOS device if you don’t already have one for most people.

I believe you can also use BroadLink locally, but although I have one operating an automatic door opener, I’ve never tried it with the television and I don’t know the details on that. Someone else would have to answer that use case.

So there are definitely some options, but it’s likely that the matter choices will be the least expensive with the most different candidates, it’s just that they aren’t here yet. :thinking:

If you do get an Apple TV control box, get the more expensive one that also supports thread. You will want that in the future.

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There is also professional line of devices, often referred as environment control. Those usually don’t need any internet connection to operate. One brand is Housemate. Unfortunately the price is pretty high. Usually local council or public health care is contacted in need of this kind of devices.

Thank you for your response. So I bought the HUB unnecessarily. Maybe I’ll do something useful with it: /
I don’t want to invest more money, I thought there was a much simpler and flexible way to do the trick.

Thank you for your help! :+1:

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I am monitoring my elderly parents and they have cameras and smartthings for lights etc. I would think you can get internet installed at a reduced rate for an elderly person or with help from a charity for the elderly.