Aeotech temp sensor issue and recommended replacement

Hello, I’ve been an ST users for a while now and love it. Recently our church saw a need to monitor temperatures in specific areas of our building. Last year I purchased the SensorPush sensor and gateway. It worked ok but there is no current alerting mechanism other than direct to my mobile device. I would like a method of text and email if temp drops or is above my thresholds.

Along comes my new ST hub. I decided to go with the Aeotec Trisensor Plus S2 device as it seemed a good fit financially as well. I know my distance will be farther than Z-wave can go so I also purchased 2 Aeotec range extender 6’s.

Brought up my hub, paired the TriSensor. Great. It triggered motion while in the room with the ST. I walked out and tested outside the office are in a gathering area. It seemed to respond still.

I needed this sensor down the hall down ½ flight of stairs into a separate area, “chapel’. I know it would not go that far so fired up my repeaters. Each joined ST but they show up as RGBW lights. I placed 1 in the gathering area and another down the hall near the stairs.

Both have been on line and showing status operational most of this week. However no matter where I placed the Trisensor, I could not get a valid temp reading. I returned it to the office area, about 10 feet from the ST hub and it showed on line and working.

I decided maybe the battery operation would be a factor so I purchased a Multisensor 6 and power adapter.

Last night I stood in the gathering area and plugged it in. ST saw it and paired it. Here’s the odd thing – both of my repeaters showed unavailable. So that tells me the from the office where ST is out to the gathering area that Z-wave works and picked up my sensor. I also brought the Trisensor out there and both worked – saw motion when I moved by then. I unplugged the 2 repeaters and plugged them back in, and ran Z-wave repair. It says it completes but also says “Failed to update Mesh info” and “failed to update route”. The last status I tried on my multisensory 6 showed “motion”. And for several minutes it stayed that way. I took a chance and moved my Multi sensor 6 down to the chapel area. In ST app it still showed motion, so I took that to mean it was off line, but not showing it yet. I also moved my Trisensor to a room between Gathering area and chapel. I walked near it several times and it always showed motion on ST app. And was on line.

I checked again this morning and my 2 repeaters still showed unavailable in ST app.

So my questions:

Why would the repeaters just go off line? They are plugged in and should “just work”.

How can I get my repeaters to pick up my sensor?

Are there recommended other repeaters that may work more reliably?

Is this the correct solution to check temperatures in this larger space?

I am a little fearful that Aeotec is the issue as they are all Aeotec products.

Oddly enough, as I am writing this I ran a Z-wave repair yet again, so I could see the actual error messages. 1 repeater down the hall furthest, Music room” came on line!

So the flow from the ST hub located in office is:

Office > Gathering area > down hallway > Music room > down ½ steps > chapel

I’m not sure this is all clear or if I’ve included enough info so I’ll write more if needed.

I’m tired today and it’s hard for me to follow posts, but there are zwave problems with the platform right now, so I wouldn’t make any decisions until that all settles down.

Look near the end of the thread for today’s messages. It is also on the status page.

It’s a good idea to always check the status page first when you get mysterious errors before you start spending a lot of time on it. :wink:

Thanks for that info. I was not aware of this page so I’ll bookmark it and check when I have issues.

What are the odds that I get this new device and fully need Z-wave when this happens? Murphy’s law in effect apparently.

I am glad it may not be something i did…)


I seem to recall you may have to run 2-3+ Zwave repairs to catch possibly sleepy device

Also when you install new devices there is a 50% chance of temporary cloud issues. The status page may not reflect it. Usually I reboot the phone, and try the next day, if it goes through then I assume thoese are the likely cause.

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Sounds like a plan. The odd part was that the 2 repeaters were on line for several days. Then out of no where they were unavailable, but i could join my new device and see my original sensor as well.

The Smarthings update went through last week. I have run the repair multiple times now. Some of the times the repeaters are showing up and then just out of no where, like yesterday morning, 1 goes off line.
I waited until the afternoon and saw it was again back on line.
I moved my working battery operated sensor to a spot just outside of the door of 1 of the repeaters and let it sit there. It showed “motion” for a long time. Later last night it went to showing “unavailable”. It just seems like the repeaters are not really repeating, I don’t know. Is there any way to test them?
Right now my MultiSensor 6 is plugged in and showing on line. I run a Repair and it shows “could not update neighbors” and “could not assign new route”.