Aeotech Multisensor 6 USB power options

Hi there, bit off topic but cant think of a better place to discuss.

These multi sensors can be battery or USB powered, I was wondering if anyone knows how you could centrally power these devises.

There were a couple of options that sprung to mind.

  1. A center USB powered hub and run USB cable to each device
  2. Ideally run cat 6/7 to the device and send USB equivalent power down it.

Im not sure as to any limitations regarding either options, has anyone done anything like this? and why are they not PoE!

I have been exploring the same thing lately. A couple of my motions are in high traffic areas which chew through batteries pretty frequently.

My plan was to take the CAT5 or unused alarm wire method and string them in series off of a wall wort plugged into a cheap UPS.

@mobious, I was thinking something similar, cat cable wired to a USB for the sensor. I’m not a massive electrician but I think so long as the transformer can supply enough amps at the correct volts it should work. I doubt they draw much. I’m not sure what distance you could get on the wire.

CAT5 should be fine unless at some point, you’ll decide to connect a couple of LED strips.
While hands are dirty, I’d probably add some filtering capacitors here and there - who knows what’s on the output of your ‘cheap UPS’.:slight_smile:

I am using this to power my wall mount iPad and so far no problem.


I have an outlet in my attic that has USB ports built in:

I use one to feed my multisensor 6 that is mounted in the ceiling of my bathroom. It doesn’t have a UPS, but to me that’s overkill.

I also just ordered a few voltage regulators to make my battery powered sensors work off USB:

I am tired of changing batteries and one of my sensors in the attic is hard to get to so plan to cut a USB wire and feed its power to this regulator and then attach the 3.3v output to the battery terminals. If this works I will convert many other battery only sensors as well.