POE Sensors

i have been looking at some motion sensors, but they seem to be battery powered. As such, it seems to maximize battery, there is a delay on the sensors before they begin sensing motion again

What would be interesting is to have devices that could be powered via power over Ethernet … This way with a constant powere source, it could provide more realtime data …

Thoughts? Do any such poe motion devices exist ?

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I think the idea with the motion sensor, and many sensors really, is to be able to use them where ever without need to run wires.

Generally speaking, the sensors will wakeup and communicate as soon as motion is detected, but will not transmit regularly until that point.

There are some motion sensor (AEON for example) which do allow battery or power. I’ve got two of them and they work great in the ST world.

I bought one of the Aeon sensors and have it plugged in with a WR-AC1 mini-USB adapter I found on Amazon. That adapter has a cable about 6 feet long so you can get it up the wall a bit. I haven’t tried the Aeon on battery power, but with USB power it is SUPER responsive - much more so than both my Monoprice and Ecolink units.

Agreed, 1 gen ST and the AeonTec multi work on USB power.

The Aeon one has a much shorter delay, with or without power. Without power your battery life may vary…For things like turning on the front lights when folks walk down the sidewalk the short delay is great.

To be honest, surprised there are not more POE solutions. The USB option is “ok” - but then you have to make sure you are near an outlet - and there really isn’t a good way to hide the cable -

Also, I think there is a limit distance on USB power (but could be wrong on that … )

Generally speaking, I think majority of homes have more outlets than POE jacks.

I have been looking for a poe solution and think it is a rock solid way forward. Batteries are a pain to have to change even when the sensor is in a convenient place. I have read so many HA articles about sensors going off line and not reconnecting because of power saving.