3, 5 or 12v wired motion (and other) sensors

I am looking to invest in ST but the battery powered sensors is putting me off until I can solve this issue.

Are there any sensors that work with ST that can be powered by 3, 5 or 12v?

I have a couple of areas where various sensors are required which I could easily get low voltage DC cabling to.

Motion sensors are my primary focus for this question

Please bare in mind I am in the UK.

Thanks in advance.

Aeotec Multisensor 6 has a UK version. It’s battery powered or uses USB power (which you could pull from a low voltage wire or a PoE tap)

I have 7 of the IS version. They’re very solid on power. Or on battery but I prefer them powered.

Sorry I don’t have the UK Amazon link.

Hay, thanks for the suggestion but at £80 a pop that’s not a viable option.

I don’t mind hacking my way into a sensor to manually power it if anyone had history with models easy to get into / apart without breaking it?

Any other ideas, hacking or not?

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My first suggestion is to search again. You should be paying £45 or less each for those in the UK… No way I’d pay £80! I just found a few on Amazon UK at that price point.

I paid $35USD each for mine. I understand tariffs and all and expect a little inflation but £80 is ridiculous. :wink:

My mistake, £46 each.

Still almost double that of a standard sensor with retrofitted buck converter.

Doesn’t seem to be anything out there at a comparative cost to the standard ST sensors.

I too use the Aeotec Multisensor that @nathancu suggests. Very impressed and great as combined sensors in bathrooms. I got the version with a recessed ceiling mount to give a nice finish. Don’t know of anything else of this quality than can be USB powered.

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