Aeotec Z095 Home Energy Meter

I have had this device for several years now and for most part, without issue. Problems started last spring when the device stopped sending data and appeared dead. Only by excluding then including the device “fixed” the problem. A few weeks later it appeared dead again. Then I figured out what was happening. A power out, even a short blip in the system caused this device to stop working. This did not happen before last spring as I am sure that we have had, at the very least, brief power outs before this time and the device kept working after power was restored. So my question is:

Does this device have some internal battery I am not aware of that may have recently stopped working? Prior to last spring I have never had to re-include this device even after I unplugged it from the A/C to move it to a new location. If there is no internal battery then I dont understand why the loss of AC power has suddenly become an issue.