Aeotec SmartDimmer 6 issues

I’m having issues using Aeotec SmartDimmer 6 units with Smartthings. I can pair the devices only if they are very close (< 10m) away from the hub. If I move them further, they stop being able to communicate with the network, even if they are near to other hard wired ZWave devices.

I thought this could be many things so I have tried:

  • repairing the network when the device is moved; they generally don’t respond at all and I don’t see any activity in the monitor
  • upgrading the firmware on the devices; no change
  • using a different Smartthings hub to rule out that hardware; no difference
  • using an Aeotec USB dongle and OpenHab running on Windows

The only thing that works is the last (ie. not using Smartthings) – and it works well.

So I think that I’ve ruled out the dimmers and I’ve ruled out Smartthings (as it works well with other ZWave devices on the network). Its just the combination of the two that seems to fail.

Has anyone else experienced this or are there any suggestions on how to proceed other than dumping these dimmers and going to something else? [interestingly, the Aeotech Smart Switch devices work fine].

Thanks – Jake