Aeotec Smart Home Hub/2018/2015 Model Hub Firmware Release Notes - 0.49.09

This release has been rolling out a bit slower than the originally posted timeframe so the team can keep a close eye on some of the changes in this release, so it is not unexpected if you do not see it on your hub yet. The new release window has been updated in the original post so you can keep an eye out for when you can expect your hub to update.


In my experience the forum software does not notify readers when an existing post is updated.

Or am I missing some setting?

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Wasn’t there an issue with 49.08 that required an update to 49.09 in the beta stream?

Which version is being pushed out?


@BlackRose67 There was a minor version bump since this was originally posted. We’ll get that updated in the main post and status page shortly.


This update seems to be rolling out slowly. 2 out of 3 of my hubs have received the update overnight. But now I’m experiencing delays in the processing of routines and data. Is this due to the patching or an issue in General with performing on the EU servers ?

The API is certainly running like a dog on the EU servers. I have an API client app that I have run hundreds, if not thousands, of times, and I usually expect it to take about 20 to 25 seconds. This morning the fastest it has managed is 2 minutes, and it has been as slow as 2 minutes 20 seconds.

I’m still waiting for 49.9 on my production hub.


Are all updates supposed to be finished up today? Still haven’t seen mine come down.


Yeah still no update on my Aeotec hub.

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Same here, US EST still stuck on v48 (v3 hub)

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No update here too. Can we confirm from staff if there will be a second delay?

I have 2 locations with v2 hubs in the US.

One hub just updated to 49.09 minutes ago. The other location has not updated.

So it appears the firmware update is still rolling out very slowly.

EDIT: My 2nd location updated around 4 PM EST.

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No update in Germany until now. Aeotec Hub

Just got the new firmware! It took a while :sweat_smile:

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SmartThings E-mail

Aeotec Smart Home Hub, SmartThings Hub 2015 (v2), and SmartThings Hub 2018 (v3) Firmware Update
Maintenance complete
Hub firmware version 0.49.09 has been released to the aforementioned hub models. Please contact customer support if you have any questions.
Time posted
Sep 6, 20:59 UTC
Components affected
Operational Americas - Hubs, Devices, and Automat…
Operational Europe, Middle East, and Africa - Hub…
Operational Asia Pacific - Hubs, Devices, and Aut…

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I’m still on 048.00005? What to do?

If you have a v2, v3, or Aeotec hub contact customer service.

Mine updated sometime today.

Does it bother anyone else that the seems to be no log event for the firmware update or associated restart of the hub? At least no log in a spot visible to us garden variety users.


Just looked again under Hub/Information and it’s been updated!

The app may not refresh the hub firmware version until you close it fully and re-open.

I had to reboot the hub and restart the app to get the app to show the new version