Aeotec Smart Home Hub/2018/2015 Model Hub Firmware Release Notes - 0.42.07

I think it is a matter of pratical use case.

I don’t know any device with more than 5 endpoints. (I am not saying it doesn’t exist!)
16 is good enough.

And yes, I perfectly understand your point.

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Do we know if the home connect hubs are still going to get updated? The last update was last October to 38? Samsung Connect Home/SmartThings WiFi Hub Firmware Release Notes - 0.38.11
I have some device issues with edge drivers that might be related. I would love for my hub to get some love!


Smartthings Wifi (mesh) is included in latest updates? It still in version 000.038.00011.

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Not yet. Samsung connect home and smartthings Wi-Fi always lag behind a bit for firmware updates.

My Hub v3 was updated to this firmware and my motion activated lights started performing inconsistently. I have the automation set up through the Smart Lighting SmartApp, to turn on with motion, and delay a minute before turning off. Now, if more motion is detected during that one minute on time, it doesn’t ‘reset’ that minute, and rather turns off the lights and keeps them off for a minute, even with more motion.

The issue is similar to the one that appeared a couple months ago where a hotfix was issued. It happens less frequently and consistently this time however. An we expect a fix for this?

Have you tried Routines? :slight_smile: Smart Lighting will eventually be phased out when support for groovy ends.


Not sure if this should go here or the the Edge driver topic but I added an Ecosmart remote today and it is displaying all the button options again. The one paired before the update still shows correctly. Both are using Zigbee Button Groups driver by @lmullineux. The CLI shows no errors with joining and the buttons work as expected.

Edited: I get the same all button option results using the stock Zigbee Button driver.

Post-update remote


Pre-update remote


Hopefully they’ll either add some of the Smart Lighting capabilities to Routines that is currently missing (i.e sunset/sunrise offset more than 60 minutes) or come up with an Edge equivalent of Smart Lighting.

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Good morning. The update to the fw version 0.42.07 is (or will be) also available for Samsung Smartthings wifi hub model ET-WV523? The firmware currently installed in my hub is still the 000.038.00011. Many thanks

Nope. Smartthings wifi runs its own updates. Ive been inquiring but I guess there is no plan yet. Latest update was last Oct. Hope all is well.

Thank you very much @mhatley !
Do you know if ST wifi and last update on Octuber (version 38.000011) allow the installation of edge drivers?

I tried installing edge drivers but it always appears an error message: “Request failed with status code 400”. I don’t know if it depends on the firmware that does not support edge drivers… any idea?

According to the Beta announcement, Edge works with SmartThings Hub with firmware version 000.038.000XX or greater.

Announcement SmartThings Edge for Devices and Automations

Tagging @nayelyz to assist with your error status code 400

This is true, but there are known bugs with Edge on ST Wifi.


That’s not the case for Samsung Connect Home and SmartThings Wi-Fi Hubs. @giorgio.castorina, please check this announcement:

I’ll add you to the list of interested people I will tag when there’s another announcement about this.


Very kind, @nayelyz !

Still experiencing the issue where motion activated light set to stay on for one minute will turn off even when motion continues, and then will not turn back on for some time, seemingly when it detects motion again. Similar to the bug that was introduced with two updates ago and hotfixed a week later. Happens with regular routines and with the SmartLighting ‘app’.

Can we expect a fix for this? I’m convinced of turning off auto updates because new bugs have been introduced twice now for a very basic function. Pretty frustrating.

This is working as designed for routines. If you add an auto-off to the On action then its a pure timer. Doesn’t take into account the conditions on the IF side. In routines what you’d probably want is another routine with IF no motion for X minutes THEN turn off light.

Regardless if it is set up as a routine or a SmartLighting app within SmartThings, it started behaving differently when this update was issued. Exactly how a previous update a couple months ago did the same thing, a bug was reported by many users, and Samsung issued a new fix for that very issue.

I have tried every possible combination of conditions and it simply doesn’t behave as intended. It gets real wonky sometimes, for example the light will stay on indefinitely and new motion will trigger it to turn off.

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Are you working with devices that use Edge drivers?
What similar issue do you mean, do you have a link to the discussion?

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