Aeotec Smart Home Hub/2018/2015 Model Hub Firmware Hotfix Notes - 0.45.11

That confirms my previous experience with Ikea Tradfri plugs, they do fail from time to time compared to other brands. I eventually replaced them but I think for the price its fine specially if they are used for minor tasks.

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It is interesting that you say that because I came across another forum yesterday (I can’t remember which one) where the received opinion was that IKEA Outlets were rather poor repeaters and the IKEA Repeater was a really good piece of kit and the one to go for. Users have reported it handling as many as 14 children. There may, of course, be more than one version out there.


Could you allow access to investigate your logs? Here are the instructions:

  1. Go to SmartThings Web ( )
  2. Log in to your Samsung Account
  3. Select the Menu (⋮) and choose Settings
  4. Toggle on Account Data Access
  5. Select the time period and choose Confirm

Also, could you DM me your hub ID?

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I sent my information a few minutes ago and provided access. I received a confirmation email, too.

My problem is not as bad as others with my hub going offline zero to two times a day the past couple months. My log in my iPhone ST app only goes back to Monday Nov 14, so there isn’t much information there.

Fortunately for me, it’s mainly been an annoyance and I haven’t seen any automations fail or random activations of devices happen. But the instability is concerning.

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I am also experiencing the same problems, having to restart the hub 2 to 4 times a day. I reset the hub from scratch this week. It didn’t solve the problem. The problems still persist. The Hub is crashing, blue light offline and routines and automations are delayed or not executed. Support needs to improve the Hub memory issue. Optimize Hub Memory . Show the devices that are hurting the hub’s performance. Smartthings needs to improve on this. Hub memory full or nearly full need to fix this and also optimize hub memory so it stops crashing.


Is this maybe the reason my Ver2 Hub has been disconnections and reconnecting multiple time s a day? Just started this recently, have been using it with the same devices for over a year with no real issues, now all of the sudden I’m having many disconnected and reconnects per day.
I have auto update turned on.

Yes, very likely that’s the reason. It’s been like this for almost a month now. They are still “monitoring” the situation.

Personally I just got a Hubitat Elevation Hub running in parallel but independent, to transfer some “critical” devices from ST and try to mitigate the instability of my ST automations. The UI is not as polished as ST (looks like menus from the 90’s) but cosmetics apart, so far it is reliable, fast and has many more options to tinker with. I see a lot of potential there.


Thanks for the reply, glad to know not just a hardware issue… fingers crossed on either a roll back or the bugs patched.
I hate to think what it would be like changing hubs with 24 devices with multiple different brands.

This is becoming much. My hub has a solid green light. Worked amazing for 4 years. Last 7 days what a mess. Thing going offline and online by themselves. Cant turn lights on or off. Rules dont work. Internet is up and sooid evrything else works in the house tv/computers/phone but this hub is just dead and when it does work its it and miss. I live in Toronto. Does anyone else know whats going on.


@Claudio_Garofalo Good afternoon, I was also experiencing this, I removed several devices little by little until I found the problem. My hub started to improve from yesterday to today. The cause of the problem is one of the zigbee or z-wave devices not picking up properly causing the Hub to crash. Another problem that can happen is that the hub has full or almost full memory. I also saw reports from the smartthings forum guys reporting offline status issues on Zigbee end device devices. Smartthings needs to release a new firmware that fixes bugs, crashes of Smartthings and Aeotec Hubs , constant offline that forces you to reboot the hub to get back to normal , problems with hub memory full or almost full (need to optimize this), bugs in drivers. and also unable to know the status of the device. Smartthings needs to improve several issues issues.


I’m glad this just isn’t me…the past week has been crazy. Hub has been going on and offline and then randomly would show offline but automations would work. So odd…but sadly all my zigbee devices would go offline.

I really hope a software update comes out soon to fix this as there wasn’t any issues before


Yes i hope this get fixed soon. I dont know what else to do. Can use anything throught the app or pc portal. What a mess.

Generally this has been a terrible experience for this and related service updates…

As of tonight my entire ST zigbee network of 60+ devices that had been functioning for a better than 2 1/2 years is completely down. The hub is up and has been PORed… But ALL devices as of this afternoon are showing offline. There have been zero config changes to the system.

It is clear that that since your service and hub software changes to support the new Thread standards, the ST zigbee experience has become a non starter from a real product point of view. Just an unusable mess.

I have a conversation going with ST 1st tier support and the ticket # is [1427874]. And this is being escalated to you guys.

I have a strong technical background and would be willing speak with your ST engineers.

Just so you know… Your are forcing your base to move to other solutions like Home Assistant. Very bad business look.


Good morning, My Hub has stabilized, after removing several devices until it stabilizes, I am adding it little by little to find the possible hub crash that caused constant offline (find the problematic device that knocked out the entire zigbee mesh and the z-wave mesh). For now the last devices I removed I didn’t re-add back, but I’ll do the test to find the real problem. Another problem that has been happening is in the Smartthings application, when you click on a device, the following message appears: It was not possible to know the status of the device. This bug is annoying, they need to fix this bug. And also solve the problem of HUB with full or almost full memory. Another thing that needs to be added after the End of Groovy IDE, how much in the samsung account/ smartthings account that accesses the drivers and/or how much in the Smartthings application the utilities options of the HUB Smartthings the HUB Reset option, Change the Zigbee Channel , Repair Zigbee network, repair Z-Wave network. These Utilities need to be added in the Smartthings App, they are still missing. I hope they release firmware updates for the HUBs that fix the flaws left by the 0.45.11 update and also update the Smartthings app by adding these options after the Groovy IDE is gone.

Having the same issue as a lot of the others with “Memory” issues and frequent Blue lights requiring a reboot. Removing a lot of devices has only helped temporarily. But within 24hrs it back to Memory full and back to blue lights. Something isn’t quite right with the firmware.

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This is such a joke. Devices keep droping off. Can’t control the light,lock and thermostat correctly. When are they going to get a fix for this issuse. Its going on several weeks. Try the app and theres issuse try the pc app and theres issuee. FIX the zigbee issuse guyS. Wake up and smell the roses. If you watch it you see when the apl goes offline you loose the zigbee controler on the app.


Having many of the same issues reported by others. I primarily use 5 devices attached to my smartthings hub.
1x Multipurpose sensor
3x bulbs (all Sengled)
1x Samsung Stove

With the exception of the Stove, all of these devices have been a nightmare over the past couple months, requiring me to reboot the hub very frequently in order to retain functionality. To the point where I considered attaching a smart switch to its power supply and rebooting it periodically which is excessive.

It frustrated me enough to have me start digging in again this evening. I am watching my devices periodically shows a offline and then sometimes online in the ST app.

Is there a more obvious way of looking @ logs and debugging this from the user end? The events listing for the hub does not seem to be of any real value.

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Do you have any repeating Zigbee devices? The stove might. But the others do not. A strong Zigbee mesh is best when there is a repeating device for every 4-6 non repeating devices.

I don’t have any repeating devices. If it’s possibly signal strength, maybe it would make sense for me to move the hub though that would require figuring how to switch it to WiFi from Ethernet.