Aeotec Nano Switch - Remote Outlet Confirmation?

I recently found the Aeotec Nano switch through my browsing, I’ve been looking for a seamless way to control both receptacles of a standard outlet in my house and tie it into ST.

Is anyone else using the Nano switch for this purpose? I have yet to see anyone use it solely on an outlet (not an outlet and a switch). I understand both receptacles would turn on/off at the same time as it’s not the dual. If so, when wiring would I just use the L and N terminals on the device (again if I’m not integrating with a physical switch)?

Thanks in advance. In all of my findings on wiring diagrams and videos online it only shows integrating with an outlet and a switch, so I just want to make sure it is possible.

Sure, you can use it for that. It is rated 15A, so there should be no problem. I remember a discussion though that for some local building codes you may have to place a sticker on the outlet to indicate that it is switched remotely.

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Thanks @pizzinini, appreciate the quick response.