Aeotec key fob 5: How to send Configuration CC changes to fob

I am trying to set up an aeotec keyb fob gen 5 to use to arm and disarm my alarm siren using the smartalarm app. To switch from the default group mode to scene mode, The key fob instructions say to do the following
Using your software of gateway (if it supports sending in Configuration CC changes), send the Key Fob Gen5:
Parameter 250 [1 byte] = 1

I do not know how to send Configuration CC changes. Has anybody else bought the aeotec key fob gen 5, made the change from group to scene, and used it successfully with the smartalarm app to disarm their alarm siren?

There’s a zwave tweaker dth somewhere in this board that may help.

Unfortunately the Z wave tweaker only works with mains powered devices, not battery-operated ones. :disappointed_relieved:

The Z-Wave Tweaker will not work with sleepy (e.g. battery-powered) devices.

Darnola dang.

The good news is that You should not have to change the configuration. :sunglasses:The key fob should be recognized as a “button controller” as soon as you add it, and at that point you can use “button pressed” in any of the official features that recognize button controllers.

All you have to do is create a routine that will do the arm. Then within the routine set up wizard choose the “automatically perform” option and then the “when a button is pressed” option and you should be able to select your key fob Button are that point.

You will need to have one routine to arm, and a different routine to disarm, but it should work. :sunglasses:

You Might want to read the following pairing instructions to make sure you’re getting it paired correctly:


I just received the aeotec key fob. I was able to pair it with the hub and receive notifications when a button is pushed but I can’t get a routine to work with the fob. I edit the routine to active ‘when a button is pushed’ but the scene doesn’t work. Any thoughts? I have high hopes for this thing.

Shockingly I got it to work. It has to do with the menu for ‘when a button is pushed.’ You have to choose the generic option ‘aeotec key fob’ and NOT a specific button number. Choosing the specific number doesn’t actually assign the routine. If you choose the generic fob it then asks you what button you want to assign. THAT is the ticket

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I used the same procedure as cunniculus and I’m able to assign routines to it. However, I can only assign one per button. I’d like to assign different actions when the button is “pushed” vs “held”. But when I hold the button, I just get repeated “pushed” events, and something assigned to “held” never triggers.

Has anyone else run into this problem?

No, since trying the advice above it works perfectly. Are you holding down the fob long enough? It requires quite a press and a good 2+ second hold?