Aeotec Hub will not stay connected to zigbee devices

Could you share the devices’ brand and model, please?
Also, I see the devices you shared are currently online, when you see the device becomes offline, could you send the Hub logs, please?
For that, you need to log in to the Advanced users app and the “Hubs” option. Then, enter the Hub and select “Dump Hub logs” at the top.

Hi, @Drknght4
So, it is working correctly now but it required 4 reboots, right? I haven’t seen that error before but I’ll ask the team about it.

That’s an interesting one. A 429 is usually a Rate Limit being hit on the API.

Not working correctly AT ALL!! All Zigbee devices went offline today @1:47pm eastern time and hub logs were sent at 1:48pm EST as well.

Which means, deleting drivers and devices did NOT fix ANYTHING

Wonderful… level 3 is hitting their heads right about now

Hi, @Drknght4
The team couldn’t find the Hub logs you mentioned you sent. Currently, the instructions to send them are:

  1. In the Advanced Users app, enter the “Hubs” section
  2. Enter the corresponding Hub and click on “Dump Hub logs”

The team tried to get those logs since you mentioned the issue was recent, however, in your case, the window to get viable Hub logs about issues is smaller than normal since the driver you’re using for Harmony devices is registering a very large amount of logs in a short period of time.
By the time the team tried to get logs from your Hub, the ones of the Zigbee devices issue weren’t present anymore.

So, please send the logs again when you see the issue happening.

Okay what you said make sense. But here’s my question to that statement: I’ve always had the Harmony Driver, they were able to get the logs in the past, I always send the logs as soon as Zigbee devices disappear (then I wait 60 sec to reboot) . I make sure I’m not using any other device in the house when this happens… What changed this time?


Zigbee devices offline at8:44am on 7/22

Hub logs sent at 8:45am and 8:47am

My Zigbee devices assigned to ST Station are working fine. Therefore this only pertains to Aeotec and V3 hubs

Hub logs sent again at 9:17am

Has this issue been diagnosed? Im tired of just sitting around for hours every night, just waiting to see if my devices will come back online. I have 1 gb fiber optic network over a eero mesh system, and zigbee hubs and repeaters all around my home, yet every night my devices go offline. To make matters worse the hub is showing as being online in the app and from the green light on the hub itself. How is it possible that, wifi devices become sluggish and zigbee and thread devices go offline, all while the hub is showing as being online?

I don’t think so. I’m still waiting myself. Funny I have the same setup as you.

Now watch them say it’s because of the Eero’s. :rofl::rofl: if it were, then the whole thing would go offline. I also have the ST station and that one works flawlessly. I have Zigbee devices attached to it and they work fine when the hub loses Zigbee connectivity

They replied saying my devices are online now. I replied saying them being online now does not tell me why they keep falling off. I bought hubitat essentials c-8 and im going to connect my extra sensors and devices and see how it performs. I am done with smartthings if my devices stay online in hubitat but falls off in smartthings. I’m not about to keep this hub beyond the refund period of every night i have to readd everything. At that point, it would be best to just go back to flipping switches.

Yes, because when you click on the button to send logs, a copy of the current logs saved in the physical Hub gets uploaded to a server. After that, the logs in the Hub keep getting replaced physically with the new ones as the Hub gets events. The speed at which they get replaced depends on devices connected to the Hub, if they are very “chatty”, they will make the replacement faster making logs of issues last less time saved in the physical Hub.

I don’t know why this time they didn’t get uploaded to the server when you hit the button, the team mentioned the last logs saved there were from three days ago on Thursday.
But, there’s a way for us to request logs get uploaded to the server as well when we get support access (which is the one I meant when I said “The team tried to get those logs”).
However, it isn’t always helpful because the time between the issue and us getting the logs is crucial and there are times like this one when we cannot get a grip on the logs of the issue, that’s why we ask users to send them right away, to get them before they get replaced/deleted.

I already mentioned to the team you sent new logs so they can look for them, I’ll let you know once we have more info.

Thank you for all your help. I truly appreciate you


So, the hubitat hub arrived and i was able to run tests with both it and aeotec v3. Everything on aeotec went offline as expected but every device on hubitat stayed online. I really wanted to stay withing smartthings because i have so many samsung devices and it’s so much easier to create automations. Something is wrong with that hub and i could not afford for the return period to end and be stuck with something that doesnt add value to my life. i may return when smartthings get better.


Any update? I’ve had my harmony hub off for 4 days (as of today 8/2) I need to turn it back on. Support hasn’t responded to me since Monday (my issue is still in the Que with level 3 ) there’s gotta be faster response time. This is Samsung we are talking about not a low level company that can’t afford the resources

Wrong thread?

Nope def not. Part of trouble shooting why my Zigbee devices go offline is to turn off my Harmony Hub because the engineering team can’t get to my logs on time.

My bad. It’s hard to keep up with all the issues :frowning:.

No worries man. It’s been kinda irritating but things are getting better

These devices have been staying online lately, as far as I’ve been able to notice. So far so good.