Aeotec Hub will not stay connected to zigbee devices

Hi nayelyz,
I havent’t heard from you or any other support yet. Though I provided access to my hub.
I spent some money on the aotec hub and the sensor, lighty and stuff and suddenly nothing seems to work. And no replies.
What else do I have to do?


This has happened in 16 days until today

Hub lost all Zigbee devices today 8/23/23 at 8:49pm EST.

Hub logs sent at 8:50pm and 8:51pm

I had trouble with adding devices. The manufacture and model numbers were missing in the advanced users account. The ST solution was to reset the hub but after numerous resets that didn’t work. ST suggested to replace the hub. I am replacing the Aeotec hub.

Here we go again

Zigbee devices went offline today 8/25/23 at 7:02pm.

Hub logs were sent on 8/25/23 at 7:03pm EST and 7:04pm EST.

Is anybody still experiencing Zigbee devices going off?

Still experiencing problems months later…

Things have been very quiet regarding Zigbee devices going offline… is anyone still experiencing this? I’ve had all my Zigbee devices go offline more than I can count in the last 2 weeks…

Oh and support?? Hahaha no help either

Yes, still have this issue (all my ZigBee devices going all offline every now and then), opened a support ticket but honestly I have no more faith so exploring Home Assistant instead.

Can someone update on this? My ST Station constantly has the zigbee network go offline/false every couple of weeks and I have to hard reset / reconnect everything manually every time it happens. Please, this is not how the product is meant to work.

is it near any WiFi APs or other networking equipment that could be causing interference?

Yes but I’ve also tried relocating it away from other networking devices to no avail.

have you contacted ST support to report the issue? also allow them access to your hub.

also… brand/model of the zigbee devices that fall offline? does this affect all zigbee devices?

Idek how to even contact ST support. I’m in Australia. I have 4 Philips Hue motion sensors directly connected via zigbee to a ST Station and 1 hue dimmer switch.

You can use the app. Tap on Menu and select Contact us.

Thanks just submitted it.

They won’t help… I even have a private message with @nayelyz and @AlejandroPadilla and they don’t even respond anymore. ST team has no clue why it’s happening . Good luck getting anything out of support

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Suppose nothing in the past 20 days?

I have this exact problem (i think) where zigbee goes offline and than back online… my phone is constantly telling me offline/online and has been for some time now but is is now fully irritating me

If you figured anything out pls share

Thanks (I have 63 devices offline of which probably 10 or 15 are legit dead battery lol)