Aeotec Dual Nano Switch DTHs

Hi everybody, I hope someone can help me. I installed it 2 months ago an Aeotec dual nano switch, it worked perfectly. Since I found it works cloud based I decided to make some testing trying to work locally. I tried with “Zwave Switch” DTH and main switch worked fine but secondary switch does not. I tested a couple more DTH without success. Problem is when I tried to switch to original DTHs (I think “Zwave Multi meter switch” and “Child meter switch”) devices did not work at all … I broke them ! :pensive:. Physycal switches still working as usual but now they do not respond at all via the ST App or Sharptools. I tried reset the device with a power reset without success. Any tip before decide an exclusion and a factory reset (very complicated because physycal installation was a challenge because very short space in the electrical box) … THANKS !