Aeotec doorbell 6 vs siren 6

Does anyone know if there is a difference between the 2 of them beside the doorbell 6 comes with a doorbell button? Going to use krlaframboise dth. Doing this will it make doorbell 6 have the same features as the siren for setting up security and available tunes?

The siren part is identical in specifications so should work the same. You will be able to use it for alarm and chime functions using using SMHM and automations

Except for the fingerprint and default configuration values the hardware is identical.

I’ve written handlers for both, but switching handlers after the device is joined might not work.

If you have the siren and plan on adding a button then you should add the fingerprint from the siren handler to the doorbell handler so that it gets assigned the doorbell handler when joined.

Okay. I was just wondering because on aeotec website it shows the siren has more sounds then the doorbell and functions for security. But I want to use it as a doorbell also. It’s cheaper to buy the doorbell then to buy the siren and add a doorbell button. Does anyone know how easy it is to push the doorbell button? If it’s easy to push I might buy an extra button and mount it on the floor for when the dogs need out :slight_smile:

Unless you’re able to rig something that sits over it to provide more surface area and protect the button then I’m not sure if that would work.

The device’s vibration tamper feature is really sensative so maybe you cause use that…

Remember that on the SmartThings platform you don’t have to use the button provided for that specific device. Any button, or for that matter a pressure mat, that can be recognized by smartthings can be used to then trigger whatever the sound device would do via an automation. :sunglasses::dog:

We have a community FAQ on buttons that are easy for service dogs to push if you’re interested in that. But for a floor mechanism, I would probably consider a pressure mat , Which you could mount on a small box to discourage sleeping on it. (yeah, that happens. :wink:) or just wall-mounted low down, which is what I typically do.

This picture shows a flic button which is mounted at my knee height when I’m in the wheelchair and is also my service dog’s nose height.

And the FAQ (The topic title is a clickable link)

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