Should I change to 'placeholder' device type?

After having not paid attention to my SmartThings location for a couple of years (this stuff works so reliably that I forget about it), I am now reading about the phase-out of Groovy. I have 2 devices that still show their old device types in the IDE, one is a Z-Wave Switch and the other is a Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor. Should I just leave those alone or should I change their DTHs to ‘placeholder’?

This isn’t something you can change on your own. Devices will be automatically marked “placeholder“ once they are using the new smartthings architecture.

To get it to use the new smartthings architecture, you can either just wait because Samsung is planning to automatically transition most devices. Or if you are going to use custom code, you add a custom “edge driver“ to your hub and then remove and re-add the device and it will pick up the placeholder Label.

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If you want more details about all this, here’s the long community FAQ:

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