Aeontech Smart Switch 6 weird behavor

My switch will not shut off. If I shut it off it turns right back on. Even if I use the manual button on the switch, turn it off…wait 2 seconds…turns itself back on.

I am using my own custom device code for this so but it has been working for months. Not sure what is wrong.

Anyone else having such issues?

Is there an official device type for this switch now which controls the colors, nightlight etc.

EDIT: Found the cause. I had a motion sensor turning this switch on and it seems to be the malfunctioning device. I removed the motion sensor from smart lighting and now the switch is working normally.

Now I need to figure out why my motion sensor (SmartThings zigbee) is pulsing motion…no motion…motion…no motion… with 77% battery

Try using Robert Vandervoort’s custome device type mentioned here:
I’ve been using it for a while and it seems to work great.

Also, you may want to check the switch firmware. Aeotec has an update here:
As Smartthigns still does not support OTA updates, you will need a z-Wave USB stick connecte to your computer to update the firmware and you’ll have to remove your Smart Switch 6 from your Smartthings Hub.

Finally, may sure you don’t have it controlled by the Smart Lighting or other app triggered by the push button to then turn the switch back off.

@jvmahon thanks I found my issue and updated my original post. I had a SmartThings motion sensor that has gone nuts. It just keeps sending Motion - Motion Stopped…Motion…Motion Stopped… in a loop ever few seconds. Disabling the smart app associated with it and this switch fixed my issue. Not sure why the ST motion sensor is doing this now.