Aeon siren as door chime

Reposted because I wasnt sure if I had replied directly to the post above me. Not familiar with the ST forum.

Eric, could you reply with a bit more information? I’ve installed your smart app and your device handler, but no matter what I do, when I go to select the “virtual switch” within your smart app, my only options are all of my door sensors. Just a brief run through of what I should do once I have both the smart app and device handler installed would be super helpful.

Thanks, Jeff

I get confused with the thread branching here too.

What you describe is working as designed. You select the doors you want to trigger a chime when opened. What I did was install it twice, once for the doors with a 1 minute reminder beep, and once for the garage doors with a 10 minute beep.

Note I just updated it to fix a problem with the reminder double beep stepping on the first beep, so you might want to refresh the code.

Here is what mine looks like:

Hey Kristopher… really appreciate you code. Solved my problem! One question… Im really green at this… I want to have the beep a little longer… say 5000 Mili-sec. Can you show me exactly where I insert the “silent (5000)” in the code you reference. You mentioned between the siren commands but I didn’t get it right. Would greatly appreciate!!

Hi TomC,

Right before sirens?.off(), add pause(5000)


Like this Kristopher?

def switchHandler(evt) {

Thank you VERY much Kristopher… worked out perfectly!!!
Much appreciated!

I am receiving the following error in live logging when I use this:

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Command ‘chime’ is not supported by device of type ‘Aeon Siren’. Supported commands: [on, off, off, strobe, siren, both, test] @ line 93

Got it, what if I want the beep shorter, to actually sound like a chirp?

[quote=“Jbell, post:1, topic:25349”]
The siren didn’t make the prettiest sounds but it was capable of 4 tones at 3 different volume levels each so I could audibly differentiate between the back and front doors being opened.
[/quote]This new device handler for the Aeon Siren supports the functionality you were originally looking for.

when i am trying add code for smart app i am getting below error

The above groooovy will only work with this custom device handler to use for your Aeotec siren, I added a beep method:

No signature of method: script14568169779411188152818.metadata() is applicable for argument types: (script14568169779411188152818$_run_closure1) values: [script14568169779411188152818$_run_closure1@3b097099] Possible solutions: getMetadata(), getState(), setState(java.lang.Object), metaClass(groovy.lang.Closure)

Have you tried using the Aeon Labs Multifunction Siren device handler?

i was able to map in my device to the device handler. when i get time i will try to test it and let you know if it works.

can you help me how to install rule machine, or where i can find it,

You can use the beep functionality with SHM and Notify with Sound so Rule Machine is no longer required, but this is where you can find it.

I created custom monitoring in SHM and selected open/close sensors. and configured to alert with siren. but siren blows. it is not giving beep. i was not sure where to configurei it,

can you please let me know how to configure with SHM. hope i am not asking you much. Thanks for you help

Instead of using “alert with siren”, you need to use “Audio Notifications”, choose “Custom Message” from the Notification field, and enter one of the commands, like “beep”, into the “Play this messsage” field.

Please see the Supported Commands section of this post for the list of commands that can be used and how they need to be entered.

For a detailed explanation of all the available commands, please see this post.

Team, I’m so close with this integration. The problem I have is that I’m using a different siren, D-Link DCH-Z510, when I press the button the alarm comes on but it doesnt go off. Any ideas?

I’ve sussed it out, was so easy in the end.

For anyone with a D-Link DCH-Z510 alarm, that supports multiple different alarm tones, all you need to do is change the following part of the code:


I’ve set my SMH siren to the emergency tone, as a result this simple smartapp was playing the emergency tone continously and never stopping. I changed this code to:


This plays the simple tone twice and stops, perfect and not obtrusive. If you want to use any of the other tones, just change as follows:

Emergency - sirens?.siren()
Ambulance - sirens?.Ambulance()
Police - sirens?.PoliceCar()
Fire - sirens?.FireAlarm()

Thank you to Kristopher for the original code.

So now I’ve set my routines as follows:

  1. When I arm SMH it turns on my virtual button that connects to this code to play my door chime.
  2. When you disarm the alarm you get the door chime as an audio aid
  3. the actual alarm tone is emergency

This is freaking cool. Going to try it tonight. Anyway you can create a user updateable settings, where you can enter in beep duration (in ms), number of beeps, pause duration (in ms)? Ie. 500, 3, 1000, would beep for .5 seconds, pause for a second, beep for .5 seconds, pause for a second, beep for .5 seconds (total of 3 beeps).
Then we could create multiple beep devices. Something like Single Beep, Double Beep, and Triple Beep, etc.


Having an issue with the siren beep as a door chime. It works maybe 70% of the time. Other times it does not beep at all. It will double or triple beep, or it will go full siren.
Would adding a pause fix that?

Also what is the correct function to use?

All 3 of these were mentioned in posts above, so it’s a little confusing.

EDIT: It the correct command is pause(). I changed it to 150 as 200 was too long, and 100 sometimes did not register. Will need to do more testing but I think pause(150) will work.
I’d recommend changing the last lines of your code to this to make it more reliable.

def switchHandler(evt) {

[quote=“Scott_Barton, post:43, topic:25349, full:true”]
Having an issue with the siren beep as a door chime. It works maybe 70% of the time. Other times it does not beep at all. It will double or triple beep, or it will go full siren.[/quote]

The device handler below has a bunch of beep related features built into it and it’s very reliable: