Using a Aeon ZW080 Siren as a door chime

(Jay Malone) #1

At some point, I had my Aeon ZW080 Siren working as a door chime with a Beep in my devices. After an extended power outage, my SmartThings system got really messed up. My Siren still has sound options, so my custom device handler seems to be working. Or at least I think it’s a custom device handler. But there is no longer a “Beep” listed in my devices. And I cannot remember or find how I got it there! Any help is appreciated…I am kinda back to square one and I am not real familiar with this stuff!

(Kevin) #2

Try this device handler.

(Jay Malone) #3

I believe this is the device handler that I have. I am already using the siren to Alarm if my doors, windows, etc are open while the house is armed. For that, I have a default tone set. But I can’t remember how I went about having a door chime working with a different tone.

(Kevin) #4

You need to use the Audio Notification feature to select the device and select Custom Message from the list of sounds.

If you want to use the beep settings you specified you can enter: beep

If you want to use one of the 6 preset custom beeps you can enter “custombeep” and 1-6 like: custombeep1