Aeon multisensor 6 questions


I’ve had the Aeon multi sensor 6 hooked up in my bathroom for a good couple of months now. I’m using Robert Vandevoort Device Handler (RV 2.3).

I have it set up in my bathroom primarily to control lighting and an extractor unit in the loft when humidity rises above 75% and to switch it off when it drops to a particular percentage. This works great bar the lighting.

I wanted to control the lights so that if a certain lux is reached i.e. less than or equal to 5, then the multi sensor activates the lights and switches them off after 5 minutes of no motion.

This seems to work but more often than not when motion is detected after the lights have gone off the sensor doesn’t appear to pick it up and consequently no lights switch on. An example might be when in the shower, after 5 minutes the lights go out and I may wave to reactivate the lights. More often than not the lights will not come on and only by physically switching the light switch does it work.

Could someone explain what I may be doing wrong? I have the following multi sensor configuration settings in place :-

Temperature offset - 0
Humidity offset - 0
Luminance offset - 0
Ultraviolet offset - 0
PIR motion sensitivity - 5
PIR reset time - 20
Report data interval - 300

It is powered via USB and the sensor sits within a cut out in the ceiling (like a spot light).

I’m not too bothered by the activated via lux as I’ll be replacing the bulbs with LED ones. It bothers me though that the motion sensor blinks blue after the lights are off and doesn’t activate the lights even though I’m using Lighting Automation to handle this.