Aeon Multi Constant Motion

(Magnus De Pourbaix) #1


I’ve got a problem with my Aeon Multi sensor registering constant motion, even at half sensitivity. I think it might be triggered by the light strips it’s turning on, but not sure. It goes to the motion detected state, but never leaves.

Does anyone have a solution? It’s completely useless to me in it’s current state.

(Jody) #2

I had an issue with an aeon constantly reporting motion detected. I ended up changing the batteries and re-paring the device.

(Magnus De Pourbaix) #3

Sadly I tried that. It seems to either not detect motion at all, unless I’m literally holding it, or get stuck in a constant motion state.

Well, at least I know which brand NOT to buy in the future.

(Steve Frangadakis) #4

I had the same problem and just ended up returning mine for a replacement. The replacement worked properly but what a hassle!

(Magnus De Pourbaix) #5

Yeah, that’s what I’ve ended up doing. Aeon support said that the unit was faulty and the distributor have already packaged a replacement (as well as the backup Fibaro eye I ordered). Annoying, but there you go.