Aeon Minimote quit working

My Aeon Minimotes quit working 2 days ago. They say standby. I’m not sure if that’s normal or not. Never paid attention since they have worked fine for years. The driver says Z-wave button. Not sure if that’s correct driver or not. Or need something custom. Any help?

When you press a button does it still control a device? Mine look that way in the app and I can still control devices. When you press a button the word “Standby” will flash “Pressed”.

Nothing changes in the app when I press a button.

Sometimes looking at just the tile it may or may not be easily seen. When you tap on the tile to open the detail, does it look like this?

If so, when you press/hold on a button, does it display “Pressed”? Does it control any of the device(s) you have listed for that particular action? Do you see the red and blue leds flash/flicker at the top of the remote when you press a button?

If not, then you may need to exclude and rejoin the device, but/and/or if you see very dim or no leds light up when pressing a button, give the remote a quick charge and see if that helps.