Aeon Minimote converted to Edge driver - is this expected behavior?

My four Aeon minimotes got converted to the “Z-Wave Button” Edge driver just recently, and I noticed in the mobile app that they are all offline, so I went to check on them.

They’re actually not offline, and can control devices like they always have been with any of the four buttons. As soon as any button is pressed the device shows online for a bit before going offline again after some period of time.

I also noticed that there’s now a “top level” button available along with the four buttons in the device’s presentation, as well being an option for an automation (see image below). How does that work? Perhaps that’s “mapped” to any of the four buttons when pressed/held that this “top level” button changes state? I haven’t look at ST’s code yet, so I was wondering if anyone in the community had their minimotes convert and if you’ve see the same behavior.

@nayelyz any insight on your end to this behavior?

Same here. I have six of them. And all the buttons are mapped incorrectly. But they still work. It makes for a fun time creating automations. And they do go off-line even though they still work.

Thanks for confirming. These were some of the last devices I had remaining to convert. All the previous conversions went really smooth.

Mine’s been like this for months. I reported the offline issue on the ST Github, but there’s been no response. The DTH had their healthcheck marked as untracked (or something like that).

Edit: I reported the offline issue July 2022

Ok, well that’s not encouraging now is it… Thanks for sharing.

I added my feedback there as well just now.

Hi, @johnconstantelo
So this device only has 4 buttons in total? I see it has assigned a profile called multi-button-4-no-battery but there are 5 components with the button capability (main, and button1-4).
About the health check, I need someone to send his Hub logs (from the IDE), remember they must be sent as soon as the issue appears so the records from it are still registered.
Support access to their account is also required.

@Automated_House, I’m sorry that was missed, I’ve been commenting on other posts that when you make this kind of report, you need to create a post here and tag us to let us know. It is hard to keep track of every report there and we need other information for the investigation.


Correct, just 4 buttons total.

I can send hub logs, but I’m nowhere near the remotes at the moment. Do you want the logs sent as soon as it goes offline after being online, right?

Yes, please, or at least that it has been less than 12 hours since the incident.

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Same here. They were my second to last devices to convert. Now the only thing I have left is my Yale Z wave lock. That is still on rboys DTH

I just sent logs in. Used my mini mote around 6:24 am eastern and then it went offline again as usual.

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Hi @johnconstantelo

From the beginning of edge, all the multi buttons in the app have a main button and the buttons that the profile has, 2, 4, 6…
The main repeats what is activated with any button


Can you enable support access, please? Is your email in ST the same as here in the forum?

I got this response back in May 2022 after converting to the Beta Edge Driver at the time.

Andres Gomez (SmartThings)

May 9, 2022, 1:20 PM MST

I hope this message finds you well.

Regarding the ‘offline’ issue that you are describing, this is the expected behavior. Remember that the reason lots of battery devices use Z-Wave communication protocol instead of LAN is that Z-Wave is way more efficient as an energy saver, and the way to do that is by ‘sleeping’ them after long-term inactivity.

Best Regards,
SmartThings Developer Support

Horse hockey…

Zwave or Zigbee devices can all “sleep”. If Andres’s explanation held any water, ST’s old DTH driver would have had the same behavior. The issue is that their new Edge driver is not handling health checks for battery powered devices that are “sleepy” endpoints.


Already did many moons ago and yes.

This is exactly the reason why I object to using the term “off-line.“ (As I’ve posted before.)

In a mesh network, you don’t have continuous connection between devices and the hub. Whether they are sleepy devices or not. Communication is based on events.

A better term would be “unreachable” (which is used by some platforms), and that should only be applied if there has been no communication for a set period of time AND a poll of the device has failed. That’s meaningful in a mesh network. “Offline” is meaningful in a Wi-Fi nework, but not Zwave or Zigbee.

JMO, of course, but I think it’s accurate. :wink:


I had my first Minimote convert to Edge this week. I am seeing the ‘offline’ problem.

@nayelyz Any movement on this ‘offline’ issue?

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@nayelyz Checking again.

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Hi, @Nezmo
Sorry for the delay in my reply. I pinged the team again about this and they are looking for a way to workaround this behavior so the device isn’t marked as “offline” incorrectly.