Aeon Minimote inclusion/exclusion

I picked up a Minimote to associate a 3-way switch. After adding it to Smartthings as a secondary controller, I associated the two switches and it seemed to work fine.

I then tried to add a new switch and inclusion mode didn’t work. I tried another. Same thing. Until I hit the include button on the Minimote at the same time as in the Smartthings app.

Is this normal? If not, any suggestions on how to undo it?

No, it doesn’t sound normal.

When you say you tried to add a new switch, were you trying from SmartThings or using the Minimote?

I originally tried to add it with just SmartThings, but it never saw it. When I had both SmartThings and the Minimote in inclusion mode, it was seen by SmartThings.

I removed the Minimote, did a ZWave repair and then added it back and now things seem to be normal again. Strange.