Aeon Minimote inclusion/exclusion

(Bob Butler) #1

I picked up a Minimote to associate a 3-way switch. After adding it to Smartthings as a secondary controller, I associated the two switches and it seemed to work fine.

I then tried to add a new switch and inclusion mode didn’t work. I tried another. Same thing. Until I hit the include button on the Minimote at the same time as in the Smartthings app.

Is this normal? If not, any suggestions on how to undo it?

(Duncan) #2

No, it doesn’t sound normal.

When you say you tried to add a new switch, were you trying from SmartThings or using the Minimote?

(Bob Butler) #3

I originally tried to add it with just SmartThings, but it never saw it. When I had both SmartThings and the Minimote in inclusion mode, it was seen by SmartThings.

I removed the Minimote, did a ZWave repair and then added it back and now things seem to be normal again. Strange.