Aeon micro v2 (non energy) specific device drivers

I built these, well, just because…
Includes configurable parameters for reporting and external switch type.
Built in hardware flasher is implemented (three preconfigured modes), can be called via custom command or used via standard alarm capability.
Indicator status is ditched as it’s not implemented in the micros.
@wackware 's better dimmer stuff included.

And a smart app to use to flash a series of these together, tell the kids its dinner time, alert gramps, whatever…

Be nice, these are only the second and third devices I’ve written…


Thank you. I was just about to do this myself.

There are so many configuration parameters that should be in the device drivers.

I’ll be tackling the zfm-80 from remotec to enable the fails safe options.

I’ve been running these for a few days now, and they are flawless so far. @urman these should totally be the defaults for the Aeon Micro Switches.

Great news!, did you find a use case for the blink mode(s)?

I’m going to use the blink modes to give a warning a minute before the lights turn off because of lack of motion. That way, If I’m lying on the couch, or working around the corner in my basement, I’ll know I have to wave my arms at the motion detectors or something.

A big industrial building automation system I work with has a similar feature they call “flick warn”. Great to prevent getting plunged into darkness.

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That’s a great idea, !

So many smart apps to write… so little time.

@Mike_Maxwell any sense of whether these device handlers will work with the newer aeon nano z-wave plus devices?

No idea, I don’t have any of them…

Hi Mike, these are no longer available at these URLs on github. Are they posted elsewhere?

Mike’s ST device handlers are no longer available.

I have the code for the micro switch and I don’t mind sharing with you, but only if it’s cool with him.

Alternatively, you can just use the ST device handlers for these devices, and if you need to change parameters that the default handlers don’t expose, check out z-wave tweaker.