Aeon Labs Z-Wave Home Energy Meter - DSB09104 V.1

I have just purchased this device and am afraid I am a little over my head with getting it to work with smartthings. Aeon tech support has been very helpfull sending me step by step directions to get it to communicate with smartthings. He even sent me his personnel device handler.
I am looking to be able to monitor my total home. Be able to measure different amounts of usage by turning on and off different things in my home and watching kwh. Also would like to be able to enter in my cents per kwh and see my cost being able to reset it monthly. Maybe get a notification if over my daily average.

Would someone be willing to take a look at it and let me know the device handler capability or know of one already done for V1.

If you are wanting granular details you may want to look at Curb:

It has a more complex setup but individual CT clamps for your various breakers. It integrates with ST through a custom device handler:

You may also find the following of interest…

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