Curb just annonced a tight ST integration - Campaign ongoing at Indiegogo

Curb just annonced that a tight integration with ST will be done.

We are pleased to announce that CURB has received SmartThings Certification from Samsung. With SmartThings Integration, CURB customers can increase energy savings by turning off individual lights, switches and other Z-wave and ZigBee devices, directly through the Energy CURB Mobile app. Additionally, because the SmartThings platform is designed to be open, many products (existing and in the future) are already compatible and seamlessly integrate with CURB systems, enabling customers to manage and track their energy usage more effectively.

Many of you indicated that this was an important factor in your decision making process, so we have extended our Indiegogo Campaign by 30 days and added two new SmartThings perks that combine the insights of CURB home energy monitoring system with a SmartThings Hub and Outlet. Now you can take advantage of our pre-release discounts and control devices directly from the CURB app. If you have already purchased, you can still upgrade to one of these SmartThings bundles and benefit from our lowest prices ever. Details on how to upgrade can be found here.

Here is a link to the Campaign:

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Bummer they didn’t include WiFi, who’s got their router installed anywhere near their breaker box?

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It’s not a bad “point” solution, but I’m concerned about their optimistic delivery time frames as usual for Crowdfunding campaigns these days. Sigh.

With CentraLite and other ZigBee Appliance Modules that have energy usage monitoring built in, I think that Curb is not the most cost-effective solution for a SmartThings home. Add an Aeotec whole home energy monitor ( for $25 and you’ve covered a lot of bases.

Electricity usage in homes is concentrated in a few large appliances, heating / cooling, and some large electronics. I don’t need extensive monitoring to tell me that I’ll save power by sleeping my PC when not in use, and keeping the AC manged with a good SmartApp, shutting off the iron when done using it, and replacing all lights with LEDs.

One time upgrades don’t require a long term monitoring solution.

On my side, I have cat5 jacks all around the house and one is close enough to the breaker box.

I also know people with their cable/dsl modem close to the breaker box as their coax cable or DSL line uses the same wall opening as power to get into their house.


This isn’t a legitimate statement. Samsung doesn’t have anything to do with SmartThings certifications. But we did pass it through certification on June 18th. :slight_smile:

Signed up… i have a Cat5 Jack next to the Panel and i can finally put it to good use… :smile:

If CURB requires a separate device, won’t do it. Needs to work with my HEM.

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@bridaus, yes it needs a separate device…

What are your requirements? If you want just to get some power stats then you need
to look into some services like those ones:


I’m testing Plottwatt, Bidgely (used it with my TED a while), InitialStates and considering others… (Numerous maybe, but it’s just graphs like IS).

I have a HEM. I’m want to own my data, but set something up with an app/web page my girlfriend can check on house consumption. Also I plan on alerts when the house is using too much juice, but I will need to subtract certain items that are necessary (heat, electric car charging, etc.). I’m not TOU, but I’m energy conscious, and it’s a fun challenge.

I personally use grovestreams.

Here is an example of a graph:

Fore more details, there are many groveStreams threads, amongst others: