Aeon Labs Home Energy Monitor Gen 5 - Can't get Data in

Hi, I’m trying to get my new Aeotec Home Energy Meter connected to my Smart Things hub.

The hub has recognised the device and has created it as a device.
I have installed the custom device handler as suggested in this link and all looks well

However, I am now stuck on a state of combinedMeter = “SYNC IN PROGRESS” and nothing has changed for quite some time. I’ve power cycled the meter to no avail.

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!

All solved - thanks

Hi. Glad to hear that you solved it.
Could you please let me know how you solved it?
mine is also stuck for a few weeks now.

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Yes, it would be nice to know how you solved it. I loaded the handlers, but the device has not been found… I have added these devices manually (for other devices), but have no instructions to do so for this meter.