Aeon Labs Firmware Update

Just want to double check… They are not updated through the hub. I need to buy a z-stick, right?

The minimote’s are usb updated. What exactly are you referring to?

Edit: And the energy meters too I believe.

It’s the item listed below. I have an issue where ST doesn’t always record the close event, I want to give a firmware update a try. However I just checked their website and they don’t seem to have a firmware update for this device.

I’d email Aeotec and see if they have anything to say. The logs in ST simply don’t show the state change? Any other z-wave devices having similar dropped issues? Run a z-wave repair?

I have two of these devices and they both do it about once or twice a week. None of my other contact sensors ST or ecolink do it. You can see the long gap between 9:26 and 10:58. I have no other z-wave issues (that I know of). I’ve considered doing a repair but this statement from ST has stopped me…

“Do not send any commands to your devices until you receive the “Z-Wave network repair finished” message. This may take up to 15 minutes.”

I’m not sure this is possible while we are at home. I have too many automation with contact sensors, motion sensors… Any idea what happens if you do send a command during the process?

I have 7 of those recessed door sensors. Two were doing exactly what you stated. The batteries showed 100% but as a test I replaced the battery and have not missed an event since.

Thanks, maybe I’ll give that a try.

I replaced the batteries. Once seemed to start working fine. The other did not. Here is a video of the behavior.

I had similar issues with these sensors. Re Pairing them a few times fixed it and I haven’t had an issue since.

He one that started working is flakey again. I’ll try repairing them again.