AEON Labs Energy Monitor $17.50

Came across this if anyone is interested.

Shows as $27.50

Use code: AZWSMART to get $10 off.


How good is this ? I mean this information must be general for the entire house. Any feedback ?

Whole house if put on mains, individual up to two circuits if set up that way. I have one on my Hot tub, one on my main and one on my solar. When they go on sale for a low price like this, they are hard to beat for monitoring. A whole home system with branch circuits can run $500 or more.

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Check this thread here regarding a Device Handler for it.

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You can use it for whole house, for individual devices, and even have each clamp read a separate device, depending on the DTH you use for it.

One example of using each clamp for a separate device:

I’m afraid to actually know exactly how much the hot tub costs. It’s bad enough to see the HEM & bill when it’s running.

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Due to a fresh Tattoo mine is turned down so last month unused $30. Usually 60-90 in the winter easily a month. Broke my neck so it gives relief but DAM. LOL

Yup that’s about what mine costs too. I started draining it in Nov. I have tankless water heater, so if I really want to use it, only takes a little over an hour to refill it with hot water.

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Thanks! This makes my second one (two breaker boxes…).
Free shipping makes this about the cheapest I have seen.