Aeon Labs Dual Nano ZW132 works with ST? Use 2-way or 3 way switches?

So I bought an Aeon Dual nano switch. My plan is to run cabinet under lights on “out 1” and counter lights on “out 2” … Below should be the a link the the manual which you have to read going zig-zag down then zig zag up. I was going to put 2 single pole switches to control these as well. But Im not sure what happens when you turn it on with ST then turn your switch on, or if you turn it on with the switch and turn it off with ST, then turn the switch off? In the manual, it shows a 3 way, regular switch, momentary switches or a touch panel. Im assuming that the 3 way switch would make it to where either 1 or 2 was always on, the other is opposite and you couldn’t have them both on or off at the same time. My idea is to wire it as shown on page 6 but unsure what type of switches.

Then I came to this forum and tried to search the aeon dual nano, and not sure if the dual dano will even work with ST

I have ordered a double momentary switch (center off) for this set up. Its a Pass & Seymour TM811DTMOW Pass and Seymour in case anyone else runs across this.

Hopefully there is a way to make this dual relay to work interdependently such as 2 switches in ST and I have enough room in this box for this.

Well we may never know if this setup would work. I bought the ZW132 on ebay… I got a ZW111 (single nano dimmer) in a ZW132 box. My double momentary switch came in and I would like to test all of this but it doesnt seem that anyone can confirm that the ZW132 will work with smartthings. Meaning 2 working switches? I’m not going to buy another switch for full price until I find out if there is a dual nano switch that works with ST.

I ended up purchasing another ZW132 on eBay. In the classic version… I hit the action button and both switches showed up as Aeon 1 and Aeon 2. Both work with a momentary switch just as I had hoped .