Aeon Labs Aeotec Z-Wave Siren

How does the volume and light compare to the a FortrezZ siren?

Thanks @duncan - had been waiting for this… Where can I get the the link to the custom device IDE ? (or quick installation instruction for this).

It’s not custom, I put it straight into production. Just add the siren via the general “+ Connect New Device” option.

Cool. Will give it a shot and update back.

My FortrezZ is dead so it is a little difficult to remember to compare. I didn’t even look at the Aeon to see the light and it is too late to do it now.

I can’t wait to mess with this in the morning. Thanks @duncan !

Will compare the two once I am back from work this evening.


Thank you, this is just what I need. I just installed it and it appears to work great. My FortrezZ Siren & Strobe Alarm has always been unreliable (I always want a siren, I don’t care about the strobe) and at least once every eight or nine times it would trip I’d hear nothing because only the strobe fired, not the siren. It appears with this Aeon siren, the only options that could get scrambled are the volume and sound, and even at the lowest settings it is loud enough to wake me at night.

this just arrived today. I’m really surprised at how small it is. I didn’t read the dimensions before buying it.

@greg…much better looking too than the Fortrezz.
@Dave : It may be my ears, but I think sound wise, Fortrezz has an edge but this thing is load enough. I can hear it in my basement even though its in my bedroom 2 levels up in a split level single family home.

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I don’t have the fortrezz, I have the utilitech which is probably at least 4x the size of this one

Would it be possible for anyone to post a video of this? Curious about the size and what the LEDs look like when they’re activated.

Just to confirm, you guys were able to trigger the different alarm sounds?

Thank you!


At present, you can configure the default siren sound. Otherwise, I think you need to write a custom app that changes the default first.

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I just found this

Looks like this blog has the information needed to write a custom app to use the different sirens. On the last page.

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Hopefully we can make progress on this. I want to use this alarm for both smoke detectors and flood detectors. I’d hate to terrify the whole family because the basement has water, but I also need more than a text message due to recent issues with my basement.

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I’m going to take a stab at this but I don’t have access to the siren. It is wrapped up in paper for another week.

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I know that things must have been busy with the holidays and new year, but have you had a chance to look into this? I need to pull the trigger on a siren since installing new smoke alarms (miss the way they were interconnected).

The way it is now, you can pick a number 1 thru 5 for the different siren sounds and 1 thru 3 for the volume level. Unfortunately, at the moment you can’t have a different volume level or siren sound based on application you’re using it for. You set each option in the preferences (volume / sound) for the siren and then that’s that. Each time you use the siren it will sound with those settings.


I must be missing something. Just added the siren, it was assigned the device type “Aeon Siren” – but it literally does nothing. The log shows that it’s sending commands but the device is silent. I tried changing the device type to “Zwave Siren” and it worked… but nothing from the “Aeon Siren” device type.

Did I miss a step? Or do I need the new firmware (mine hasn’t updated yet)?

You don’t need the current firmware which is being pushed this past few days unless of course you are on some obsolete firmware. Check the preferences. Just in case… Mine is set as

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