Advice on New App - devices showing "Checking Status" though they are working

EDIT - Ignore - I think I’m on my way - the new app has broken some bits in child devices, and I need to update / edit my device handlers

Hi All,

I think the new app could well be good when I get used to it, but right now I’m having a hard time, as a LOT of my devices don’t connect to the app (my pistons are working OK, and the web UI shows them working).
The following appear to have issues:

  • Fibaro FGS 223, using “erocm123 : Fibaro Double Switch 2 FGS-223” and “erocm123 : Metering Switch Child Device” Device Handlers
  • wemos d1 mini esp8266 temperature sensing arrays, using “ogiewon : Parent_ST_Anything_Ethernet” Device handler
  • Sonoff 4Ch relay controllers, using “erocm123 : Sonoff 4CH Wifi Switch” Device Handler

As I write this list, it does strike me that these all use child devices…
All guidance welcome please!!!



Me too. All my esp WIFI temp devices show checking status on main tile but temp is displayed when clicked. All sonoff child devices lost visibility. Hopefully there is a fix as my DH skills are limited

I appear to be having the same problems with most if not all devices that have child devices. Has anyone else confirmed a quick solution

Hi Scott,

Not a quick solution, no.
It would seem that in their wisdom, Samsung have removed a couple of parameters from child devices. If the device handler creates these, it trips up the app (though everything else works fine).
They could have modified your DB records as part of the migration I’d have thought, but they didn’t, so what I’ve done so far is:

  • for Fibaro double switches;
    • make careful records of which switch is which device and what smartapps & pistons use them, delete the child device,
    • alter a setting in the master device, which forces a re-creation of the child devices
    • rename them
    • re-create the smartapp entries and correct the pistons
  • ST_anything:
    • as above, delete the child devices, making notes
    • the children then re-create automatically
    • as above rename, recreate etc etc
  • Sonoff:
    • So far, all I’ve found that works is to completely delete the master device and then re-add it to ST using the sonoff connect smartapp. CORRECTION - you need to adjust a setting in the master device, as above (thanks to @erocm1231 for pointing out my obvious mistake)

I’m hoping that I’ll learn to like the new app, but it’s not ingratiating itself to me right now!

James thanks for the info. I have several devices that I see are doing this gonna be rough especially since most I have some sort of program in Webcore. Oh well starting to look like decision time if I have to remove and re-add maybe time to try something else. :roll_eyes:

Can’t bring myself to switch - I’m too embedded in webcore.
Be slow & methodical - when you remove the child, it turns in to a long ID in the piston. If you do them one at a time, you can set them back fairly easily. If you delete a whole load then go in to the pistons, you’re screwed.
(I’m sure you know this, but the IDE shows you which pistons use a particular child, and the device network ID usually helps you work out which number child a device actually is)

Yeh I know I am very vested in Webcore. But I also like the idea with one hub that can run webcore local and not through the cloud. That feature plus this headache might be enough to sway me

One further titbit - you can correct the names in the web IDE - it’s the “Label” field.
If it’s wrong in the app, if you make an edit in the IDE, both will fall in to line (so edit it twice)

Does anyone know how to fix child devices for Aqara switches? The device handler with child devices broke even though automation still works properly.

Edit: Found the answer to my question, manage to get it working now. thanks!