Advice on Integrating Tuya Smoke detectors

I am looking for opinion as to whether it is worth spending the time and effort of integrating some Tuya smoke detectors into SmartThings. The devices themselves are like these and are basically dumb WiFi detectors that only sound an alarm locally when activated in addition to sending a notification in the Tuya App. The latter is OK if I am away from home but doesnt help when a detector is several rooms away and cannot be heard through closed doors. When I bought them I thought they were interlinked through the app and would all sound on activation of one. I cannot set up click to run or other routines in the app other than to send a message (subscription required and not very helpful) or activate another Tuya device( which are similarly not integrated with SmartThings.
All I would like to achieve is, on detecting smoke, the alarm to trigger another event such as an announcement on my echo devices or turn on and off the bedroom lights. I am considering flashing them with Tasmota, which is possible as they have the esp8266 chip. However I dont know if this will give me any other options to integrate them into SmartThings and achieve what I want. Is it worth the effort or should I just replace them with other zigbee based detectors?

I assume this is in the US. If they don’t interconnect on their own then they don’t meet fire code. I sent Kiddie ones back for just that reason. An alarm in the basement could not be heard in my son’s bedroom.

No this is in the UK. Apart from commercial and social housing there is not a requirement for linked fire detectors in existing buildings. New Building Regulations (Fire Codes) may include this in new build properties but mine is an old building.