Advice on adding temperature sensor to smart things multi purpose sensor

Has anyone else worked on a device type handler to allow the multi purpose sensor register as a temperature sensor and vibration sensor for use?

The default handler “SmartSense Multi Sensor” does contact sensor, temperature and vibration. I have two of the new ST multipurpose sensors that I use only for vibration and temperature, and the default handler works fine.

Yeah it shows the vibration and temp on the device but I can’t use the temperature or vibration when selecting a device for IFTTT because they’re not registered as a device for temperature or vibration

In the ST app, go into the IFTT smartapp settings and check whether you’ve selected the device under both the temperature and vibration categories. I don’t really use IFTT, but I just tried and got an error including my sensor in a temperature applet when the sensor was only enabled in the contact sensor category, but it worked fine once I also enabled it in the temperature category.

Must have been lag. I was able to add it as a temperature sensor!

Tangent - Have you had any issues with the smart things constantly detecting the door close and open?

Rather confused by this because even if there was a slight gust the jiggles the door, there’s not a wide enough gap when it’s closed and locked for it to move the magnets away from each other THAT far.

I remember what else I was looking for. As it’s own one device I cant quickly see the temperature on this dashboard

I haven’t seen that, but I have a completely different use case. My pair are on the washer and dryer as laundry monitors. The magnets are constantly in contact with the sensor. They pick up the slightest vibration, but I never see the contact report open.

You would need to make a copy of the DH to change that (I don’t know that there’s a stock DH that keeps all functionality while swapping the main tile). Copy the device handler into your IDE. In the definition line (line 20), change runLocally to false, and then find this (line 115) and change the order so that temp is first.

main(["status", "acceleration", "temperature"])

Note that this would just swap what shows on the Things screen. The device will also be cloud processed once you switch to a custom DH.

Alternatively, create a virtual temperature sensor, and then use a smartapp or WebCore to keep it in sync with the real device. That would let you show temperature as a separate device while the original continues to show the contact sensor state.

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Thanks!! I hadn’t thought of webcode because I don’t know much about it. Will look into that further.

Very weird. I have two sensors on two entrance doors. The front door keeps showing the open close notifications but the downstairs door never has the issue. Is it misreading vibrations as a open/close? Or do you think the sensor is busted?

Check in the options if it’s set to Yes for garage door tilt sensor. I don’t see that doing it since I wouldn’t think a vibration would put it past the threshold for tilt, but it’s the only thing in the DH that would cause it. You could also watch live logging and compare what shows in the false opens to a true open.

Otherwise, the magnet could be mounted too far from the sensor. If it’s right on the edge of the range, I could see it fluttering between open and closed. Or it could be defective.

I’m going to go with this…

Ah hah! I think there’s something wrong with the sensor. I took it off the door and put it on my desk and simulated the tiny gap the door and frame have and it was still going nuts on the open and close detection. I’m going to observe it for another half day to see and then remove the gap and see if the gap may be causing issues.

The gap is barely half a centimeter though and shows the sensor closed except when it’s spazzing out.