Advice on adding ST Wifi to existing hub

I just got an ST mesh system and I’m not sure of the best way to add it to my existing V2 hub. Can I just add the wifi to the system or should I set it all up as new?
Are there any drawbacks to keeping the older hub, or pros to installing it all new?

Hey there! @rhess2000

I’ll let others recommend what they utilize and integrates best for them, but in regards to the differences.

You do have the ability to add the three ST Wifi’s to your V2 Hub or set up as new.

Keep in mind that each Smartthings Wifi has the ability to act as an additional v3 Hub or just the Wifi system if you add all three to the v2 hub you already have.

I think the best starting place for your research would be checking out the differences between the v2 hub and the v3 hub, as you determine how you wish to proceed with your setup.

You can compare the spec’s of both the v2 and v3 hubs:

I hope this message finds you well!