Can I connect the new Samsung Mesh router to my existing V2 hub?

I have been in an email discussion with Smartthings Support and there is still no way of migrating from the V2 hub that I have to the new Samsung Smartthings Mesh WiFi. You MUST exclude ALL things and then reset the hub, set up your new SSMW system and start from scratch. Also, ALL routines and smart apps will be deleted and in need of reinstalling and setting up all over again. Way to go Samsung. This is all “for security reasons” (or so they tell me. Oh and by the way, don’t try to set anything up on the new system with the easy to use Classic app, because SSMW is not compatible. You must use the new ST app.

I was wondering though, can the new SSMW be added to the V2 hub as “things” to get the use of the repeater functionality from the Zigbee and Z-Wave modems?
I would like to know this before I purchase the SSMW. If not, I might as well get a better, cheaper mesh WiFi system
Thanks in advance

Unfortunately, no. :disappointed_relieved: The Samsung Wi-Fi mesh hubs can only be used with other hubs of the same model, when they then become “sub hubs.” You can’t mix them with any other hub models.

Thanks JD, I figured as much but thought I would ask. I guess Samsung will be loosing some otherwise happy customers over this when needing to upgrade their WiFi

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