Advice needed on Smartthings and HUE

The tap is a nice device, but it is not supported by SmartThings. So if you get it, you can still use it as long as you have the Hue bridge, and you could still control the bulb separately through smartthings, but smartthings would not know the status if tap was used to turn the bulbs off. You might not care about that.

Another possibility to consider is the SmartenIT three toggle controller. This is not officially supported by smartthings, but is a standard Zigbee protocol device and works well. With this approach, all the commands to go through smartthings hub anyway, so it does know the status. This can be wall-mounted or left flat on a table or nightstand. I like it a lot for situations where the minimote’s form factor just doesn’t quite work. (if you haven’t seen one, the Minimote is like a tiny television remote.)

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