ADT/Smartthings Window Sensor Battery drains quickly

I have the ADT Smarthings setup (works great, love it) with several windows/doors set up. One window has started eating batteries every 2 weeks. Any ideas on the issue?


How far is it from the hub?

It could just be a bad device, but most commonly a sensor eats batteries because it’s having to report more frequently. It might be that that’s the one that’s on a busy door. Or it might be that it’s the one that is farthest away from the hub and it is having to re-send messages to make sure that they get through.

You could try swapping it with an identical model and see if the new model has the same issues in the same location.

Forgot to reply to this. The Hub is fairly close but I have sensors further away that are fine. I am going to replace it with a spare and see if that helps.


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