ADT partnership: ST-ADT touchscreen hub and devices (discussion thread)

I spotted that too. Have you managed to figure out the code for the ADT installers toolbox yet? That’s what I’m working on.

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No luck here either. Some basic Googling led me to 1561 but that didn’t work. I wonder if ADT will provide it with service activation?

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I just finished creating two SHM pistons that both monitor and set the alarm system. I’m sure there’s probably a way to create a single piston for this but my version requires two pistons. Here’s the code if anyone else wants to do it:

Piston to monitor security system status and set SHM to match it:

Piston to have SHM set security system mode:


Right now the answer is no. We don’t use the cellular radio in the case of a power outage. The cellular radio is only for the ADT security devices and service at this point in time.


Ugh… it looks like someone removed the ability to control the panel via CoRE. It’s no longer responding to any commands and its back to being a dumb alarm.

Here’s to hoping this is just a glitch. :frowning_face:

Maybe, but webcore is also having problems today, most likely due to daylight savings time change

I noticed last night around 6PM CST my panel got a new update. It downloaded a new system image, installed it and rebooted. I wonder if something got “patched”?

On another note, have you been able to sign up for ADT monitoring yet? When I try to register, it still says “Coming November 5th”

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Edit: Nevermind… ignore my rambling. I’m an idiot. See @JDRoberts post above.

Yeah… it sure seems like it got patched. It’s not even possible to monitor the alarm status anymore. If this is indeed intentional it pretty much makes the ADT/ST Panel pointless, at least in my opinion. There is basically nothing unique or particularly interesting about the security system. It’s just your typical manual arm/disarm system with no support for anything… you can’t even setup a basic schedule or control the system via a routine. The only thing ST about the system is that there’s a hub built into the panel and that’s it. In other words, there is nothing ‘smart’ about the alarm system anymore.

In regards to the ADT service: I’m getting the same message. That makes two missed dates now (1st and 5th) unless it becomes available in the next few hours. Regardless, I’m going to give it a few days but I’m already leaning towards returning the system.

You were absolutely correct – I’m an idiot. There was a panel patch released today and I updated webCoRE and nothing continued to work yet other pistons were firing. I thought this was clearly a sign something had changed but I just noticed another webCoRE patch was released ~15min ago and that completely fixed it. All is back to normal.

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I don’t want to be right about this one, but I did make this prediction in an earlier comment Oct 27th:

SmartThings is very predictable. Please SmartThings … prove me wrong this time! Thanks!? :pray:

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I was actually wrong – it’s back to working exactly as it originally did with the usual commands. It turns out it was a completely unrelated webCoRE issue. Essentially, ADT/ST coincidentally released an unrelated ADT Panel update at about the same time a widespread webCoRE outage occurred (possibly due to the time change).

Your point and concerns still stand though. I’m definitely concerned this sort of functionality will break at some point since there’s no official support for it. With that said, I personally feel it would be an incredibly stupid move on ADT/ST’s part because it would make the alarm system no different than any other system out there. In fact, even some basic functionality is missing out of the box (e.g. the ability to configure alarm schedules).

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Yup… Let’s hope @slagle or @Jim or @unixbeast or …?, can confirm that the newly discovered Capabilities are official, will be documented, and not blocked on the ADT or similar “Devices”, and thus accessible to Community Developers. ref:

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That was a close call! Haha!

I can’t wait until the ADT service is released so I can dump my Time Warner alarm.


It’s live! I just signed up without any issue. You get 60 days of the top tier service free and you can’t select anything else (yet). This is a bit random for people who don’t have smoke/co alarms and water leak detectors because if you forget to cancel or modify the service after sixty days you’ll get charged for service you don’t need. I don’t have these ADT devices so I just set up a reminder to change the service in sixty days.


Just a heads up: When you activate the system it doesn’t immediately tell you to do a systems test. However, when you login to ST it says “System test required” in small letters above the alarm status. You have to click that text and run through the test before you can use the system.

I’m going to have to wait to do the test because it’s late here and it apparently requires intentionally setting off the alarm siren.

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You must be a mind reader! haha I just finished the enrollment on mine and got the message about a system test. It’s late here too and my kid just so happens to sleep in the room where the panel is located. So, I decided to keep the Wife Acceptance Factor in my favor I would need to wait and test in the morning.

So far I have to say I’m impressed with the ADT signup process and how simple it was.

I definitely agree about the setup process – it was very easy and straightforward. The other cool part about the ADT integration is that it’s 100% integrated into the ST app. In other words, the ADT account is managed directly from within the ST app so there’s no need to actually visit ADT’s website. It ends up being a really seamless experience which I really like.

My next project: Limited security system control via Alexa. I plan to create an Alexa command that arms the system in stay/away mode only. I don’t really want/need it to disarm because I feel like that’s a security risk and I always disarm via phone, panel, or keyfob anyways. With that said, it should be possible to enforce a voice pin when disarming the system via Alexa using the Ask Alexa smartapp.

This leads me to a feature I hope to one day see: The ability to control the ‘panic alarm’ capability in webCoRE (assuming ST cooperates with this sort of integration). With this functionality, it would then be possible to trigger the panic alarm by voice only through Alexa. As someone with an elderly parent who is prone to falls, I would most definitely implement this. You could even create an “under duress” voice trigger in the event of a home invasion robbery scenario (e.g. Alexa, ask SmartThings to turn off ‘home security’). In this scenario, ‘home security’ would really be a virtual switch that triggers the panic alarm.


I just did some digging and here’s what happens when the panic alarm activates:

Keyfob: ‘panicAlarm’ seems to issue either a ‘panic’ or ‘clear’ command.

ADT Panel: The ADT panel uses ‘alarm’ to initiate the alarm. The value for the ‘alarm’ attribute is the deviceID of the device responsible for the panic alarm (e.g. the keyfob). ‘CLEARED’, rather than the deviceID, is used to stop the panic alarm.

It may very well be that nothing more than a minor update in webCoRE is needed to use the ‘alarm’ attribute.

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Something to note… I was not able to enter test mode until I had connected ALL ADT security devices. I had not planned on using the motion detector so it was still in the box.I called the ADT help number, they answered immediately and informed me that I needed to activate the motion detector.

As of now my system is installed, online and being monitored by ADT. I tested the cellular connection and it did in fact contact ADT when my WiFi was down. I also tested with the ADT panel on battery with no WiFi and the cellular worked flawlessly.


Hmm, so you mean the system knew you had purchased a motion detector and had it associated with your account, but it was giving an error because you hadn’t activated it?

Or the system will refuse to work if at least one motion sensor isn’t a part of it, period?