Adt motion sensors do not trigger panel siren

Hi guys,

I’ve just gotten my ADT smartthings home security set up, but I have a couple of problems.

A small note, first off. I live in Denmark, so I’ve had to remove the cellular module in order to activate the panel.

I have two ADT door sensors and three ADT motion sensors set up. All are paired up correctly and I can see the sensors triggering in the app. The problem is that when I “arm away” and then enter my house, I can see the motion sensors detecting movement in the app, but they do not set off the panel siren.

As I mentioned, I only have two door sensors, which have been installed on my garden doors. So the above described problem arises, when entering through my front door, which does not have a door sensor on it.

Have any if you guys had this same problem? Is it perhaps necessary for a door sensor to be triggered before a motion sensor can set off the panel siren?

On a side note, I got the ADT smartthings home security starter kit from Amazon, but one of the door sensors in the kit only ever registers as “closed”. I reported this to Amazon, who then sent me a whole new starter kit. Same problem here. One door sensor worked and the other always registers as “closed” . I’m thinking this must be a software issue. Any thoughts on this?

Hooe you guys can help!