ADT Monitoring with First Alert Smoke Detectors

Im new here and still reading as much as I can but I have not seen any clarification if this is possible. So can ADT monitor First Alert smoke detectors or other sensors like flood that are connected to the ST hub?

thanks in advance.

no, not using ADT services.

No, they will not connect to the paid ADT monitoring system and activate an emergency services call when triggered.

You can however connect them to the hub and receive alerts or trigger other actions upon the detection of smoke or water. This will be entirely cloud dependent though, so it will not work if you lose internet or if the SmartThings cloud is down.

Only the dual logo devices with both the ADT and smartthings logo can be used to trigger a call to the central monitoring service.

You can use other devices for home automation routines but that’s probably not what you want for a smoke detector.

Thanks so much for the prompt responses. I was hoping that would not be the case so I may just get the ADT smoke for now but I did like the idea of having a combo detector. So I will have to think about what I want to do long term. Just seems silly that you cant have them integrate but I get it…unfortunately. Thanks again!

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The smoke alarm, Co2, and water leak detector expansion kits are still very affordable on Amazon. Worth taking a look at these.

I am doing this with my Vista 20P alarm panel with my Kidde smoke detectors and relay. Kidde and First alert make a relay that hooks up to the interconnect wire that will report NO/NC - same as other wired alarm sensors. The Kidde version has both NO and NC wires, not sure about First Alert. I hooked up one to an open port on my alarm panel so ADT monitoring gets notified and hooked the other to a Zwave contact sensor so ST will notify me. Works great.

Thanks, yes…I just picked up a kit for 45 bucks so that will cover my basement so Im half way there.

Thats interesting but I dont think the ADT hub panel has that ability to hard wire a sensor. I dont recall if there were extra contacts on there. My old Honeywell did but I think I may have to still with the ADT branded sensors unless someone has some clever code or something to allow this to happen. Thanks for the response though.

I bought the ADT smoke detector and pair with the ADT SmartThings hub. It keeps complaining about “Loss of Smoke Supervision” and beeps all the time. What does that mean? It also won’t let me arm without bypassing. I am at a loss what this warning message means.