ADT Hub with Noonlight and 3rd Party Sensors?


Just hoping to get some guidance here. I’m using a V2 hub, currently monitored with Noonlight. I have a ton of non-ADT sensors, running cloud-based.

I’ve been thinking more about cellular backup. Rather than trying to build a solution with a Sim-based router, I noticed that the ADT Hub has cellular backup built in.

Can I use the ADT Hub with Noonlight, and continue to use my current sensors?

Short answer: no. Long answer: maybe with the custom smart app ADT tools.

You’ll also have to start over from scratch since you can’t use both hubs at the same time and there is no migration utility.

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I think the cellular backup only works with an active ADT subscription. Check in this thread for details:

Another current conversation about this:


The ADT cellular module can unfortunately only be used to notify the ADT monitoring center, and only if you have a paid ADT contact.

Since all the other smartthings notifications come from the ST cloud, you have to build some kind of fallover connection for your Internet and then hope the smartthings cloud is working. :disappointed_relieved:

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Wanted to revive this a bit.

Has anyone found a workaround to get ADT Hub on Noonlight or Scout or any other central monitoring? Amazon has these for $99 now (not sure if it really used to cost $500 or what) so I snagged one up as well as a V3 Hub and was going to play with both a bit and try and test the limits :-D. Sounds like Noonlight is a favorite among-st folks that want cheap good IP monitoring and ST flexibility.