ADT SmartThings - cellular backup problems

Iris refugee here, and am scrambling to get a new system up and running before the full Iris shutdown. I got the ADT branded kit, with two door sensors, and a motion detector all working as they should with both the classic and new smartthings apps. I’ve signed up and connected a card for billing through ADT, as the cellular backup feature is all I really want, as well as local functionality if power and internet are down. I understand you can get a backup battery UPS, and backup cellular modem, but I don’t want to screw around with everything.

When turning my wifi off, the ADT hub doesn’t seem to switch to cellular service. Under the radio status, it shows up as “registered”,
sim status as “not locked”, connectionn status as “connected”, but power status never changes from “off”. I’ve tried going through the cellular module swap a few times, but nothing changes. It shows signal strength as 2/4, no matter where I place the hub.

I also noticed that under system info, the “ADT monitoring service” is listed as “not active”.

I’m blown away at the complete lack of support on the phone by both ADT and Samsung, and have spent literally almost two hours on the phone today with them.

Any help would be awesome, as the whole reason I got the ADT version is for an easy cellular backup source, and a pretty long backup battery life.

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The cellular module can only be used for sending notifications to the ADT monitoring center when you have a paid and active monitoring account. So the first step would be to get the monitoring account active. But I would think support would be able to do that, so I’m not sure what the next steps would be.

You can try asking people in the following thread, as they have it working:

New ADT partnership, new touchscreen hub and devices 10/29/2017


Ok, I’m kinda confused I guess. So when this is all running correctly, it won’t let me control anything at all from my phone if then internet goes down. It will only use the cell backup to call ADT, which would then call me? I wouldn’t be able to disarm the alarm unless I physically disarmed it via the hub?

Thanks for the help!

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Yes to all of that. Except you can also disarm it with the ADT keyfob even if the Internet is out.

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Thanks for the help, I was wondering about their key fobs as my wife and I liked using the Iris fobs to disarm/arm through system. It’s especially easy for people who would watch our house if we’re away, to just tell them this disarms everything and locks the kwikset lock on the door, rather than explaining they need an app on their phone.

I assume there’s a way to use my existing kwikset 912 keypad door lock with my ADT setup, where it would unlock/lock the door when the system is armed/disarmed?

Still no luck with anything and no email response from ADT yet.

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