Adding Yolink water leak sensors to ST app?

Hello, I have a Smartthings security system which includes a hub, siren and door sensors.
After a leak, I needed to put together a water detection system, and ST water sensors were not available. I purchased Yolink sensors, hub and siren. These systems currently operate independently. I would like to add my Yolink water sensors to my ST system and control them via the ST App because ultimately I want to add a device to shut off the water. does anyone know if this is even possible and if so how to do it?
If not are ST water leak sensors available now?

They are now produced under the aeotec brand. If in US…

Hi @lurky,

Could you please give us more information on the device you are using, a link to a manual or some sort of documentation. Maybe we can help you out with a existing driver, or developing one for you.

Hi, I guess that means that the ST app does not natively support integration with the Yolink products? here they are: I dont have any additional documentation, don’t do any extra work for this request, I’m not looking for a complicated fix.

There is no direct Yolink integration with Smartthings, and ST hubs do not have LoRa radios.
But it looks like you could use IFTTT. See the link.

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@Paul_Oliver, Just for my understanding: This means that the hub can be connected with other services, so could be integrated via the Yolink hub / services with a Smart App?

You would create a virtual water sensor in ST. Then use an IFTTT Applet (automation) to trigger the ST virtual water sensor when the Yolink water sensor get wet. You would need a 2nd Applet for when the Yolink sensor get dry and resets. You do this on a device by device basis.
IFTTT lets you write at least 3 maybe 5 applets before you have to pay a monthly fee.

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Yolink sells a water shut off valve that pairs directly to the yolink water sensors.

YoLink Smart Wireless Water Valve Controller, with Bulldog Valve Robot, Easy DIY Installation, LoRa 1/4 Mile Long-Range, Alexa/Google Assistant, IFTTT - YoLink Hub Required

You can also use yolink triggers in ST using ST virtual switches via Alexa. Three steps:

  1. Create a virtual switch in ST
  2. Map YoLink trigger to virtual switch in Alexa (Google does not work because Google can not trigger off of YoLink sensors). Note: ST has to be a service in Alexa.
  3. Program real devices in ST using virtual switches mapped (in Alexa) from YoLink.

My recent post showed how to pass YoLink triggers via Alexa to SmartThings using virtual switches created in SmartThings. No IFTTT required.

Cool. So are the yolink sensors able to trigger routines in Alexa? If yes that opens a lot of possibilities.

Alexa can trigger off of YoLink sensors. Alexa can also activate virtual switches from SmartThings. The possibilities are powerful and endless!

Can the YoLink water sensors trigger Alexa routines?

Alexa can be triggered by all YoLink sensors. Alexa can activate virtual switches set up in SmartThings. I.E. YoLink can trigger SmartThings routines! Please watch my video above. Although I am using a YoLink fob, all the YoLink sensors behave the same.

I have 15 YoLink water sensors. They each have a routine in Alexa letting me know where a leak was detected. The 15 water leak sensors are also paired device-to-device to a YoLink main water feed cut-off controller (link in previous post) on our main water feed.

Interesting. I hadn’t seen any water sensors that could trigger Alexa routines. My Ring waters can’t and the ones I have in ST don’t even show up as sensors in Alexa.

It is a beautiful thing.

Ok, the YoLink site explains that the water sensor is seen as an open/close sensor in Alexa. That’s why it works for routines.

Here is another example of a YoLink sensor (vibration) on a washing machine using SmartThings. SmartThings filters out false triggers when the washer is bumped by only saying the washing cycle is real for vibrations lasting longer than 15 minutes.

John if you create your “virtual wash is done” switch using @ygerlovin virtual edge switch you can eliminate the need to use IFTTT. His switch contains an invisible contact sensor that can directly trigger your Alexa routine say that the wash is done.

The following link will get you to his driver.

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Thank you @Paul_Oliver for tagging me.

@lurky If your Yolink water sensor can trigger Alexa routines than you can create either

  1. Virtual switch
  2. Virtual water sensor (probably preferable for your use case)

in ST App using the driver @Paul_Oliver posted above.
Then you can create an Alexa routine that triggers the virtual device on when your Yolink sensor detects a leak and another routine that turns it off.

If you use a virtual water sensor, you will see it in STHM and it will look like a regular water sensor with additional switch button. However, you will not be able to use this virtual device to trigger another Alexa routine.

If you use a virtual switch, then you can use it as a trigger for Alexa routine (not that it would make a lot of sense), but it will not have a water sensor capability and you would need to change an icon manually.