Adding Wemo

So, I am unable to get my WeMo switches to connect to ST. The app is not seeing them when in discovery mode. I have two of the WeMo switches and one of the Insight Switches but neither are being recognized. I went to Marketplace > Lights & Switches > Switches & Dimmers > Belkin and selected the WeMo switch > Connect Now, but it is not recognized.

I searched this community but only found problems with WeMo staying connected.

Any thoughts? What am I doing wrong? Do I need the WeMo app?


Edit: I followed the instructions at

I got my WeMo Switch and insight to connect as follows:-
Pair the devices to the WeMo app.
I then gave mine a fixed IP address on my router using dhcp reservation. You don’t need to do this though.
I then downloaded the WeMo Connect device handler. But again you shouldn’t have to do this.
Then discovered them as you have already said.
BUT you should be able to discover them after you have paired the devices to your WeMo app.

Hi @lafoxmd, you can try to install Enhanced Wemo Connect app and the devices, its works for me and fix some problems of the original wemo connect.

Of course first install the wemo with the belkin app

Thank you. I eventually got things added to ST. The WeMo app was troublesome - my last switch would not be listed. I had to delete and reinstall the app, then add the last switch.

Thanks again.