Adding Vera as Secondary Zwave controller?

(read all the threads, can’t find an answer)

How do you add a secondary hub to ST? It’s easy to see how to move ST as a secondary to an existing network (Join/Leave) but there’s no option to allow a secondary to Join. Hubs like Vera have options to join (Copy Z-Wave network from a primary controller, etc) but I can’t find the option to allow a join in ST?


From the SmartThings side, you just add it as a thing. It’s up to the secondary to do all the heavy lifting. SmartThings does not provide controller shift or controller replicate support.

Since you said you read “all the threads” I’m wondering if you also read the following? It has the step-by-step instructions, for example, for the Aeotec zstick. It’s pretty similar for other controllers.


Yes, saw that as well, thanks for the link however.

I have a Vera sitting right beside my ST hub, trying to get the Vera to join as a secondary.

As I understand it, you should be able to do two things:

  1. Tell ST to push data to secondary
  2. Tell Vera to “Copy Z-Wave network from a primary controller”

Step #1 doesn’t exist in the ST GUI. Telling ST to “include” isn’t the same.
Step #2 exists in the Vera UI - click it, says ok, waits for ST.

I suspect it may be replicate support that’s missing, which is a pity, since the ST Hub is happy to join an existing network and take over…

(( EDIT:: Just took patience – Vera is VERA slow… like 30 minutes and 3-4 tries of “add device” on ST before it showed up as a generic Zwave device… now to the hard part… ))

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Curious to see how it went.

Did the secondary controller improve things?